January 6, 2018

Can you differentiate halal vs non-halal frozen food?

When is food product is listed as halal it means that it is pork-free, containing no traces of it and that if there is any meat in the product, the animal in which then meat came from is slaughtered in accordance Islamic rules and guidelines. The word halal derives from the Arabic word and literally translates to ‘permissible’. It is food that Muslims are permitted to eat. In Singapore, Muslims take up around 14 percent of the total population, therefore there is a presence of a halal industry in the country.

You might have noticed, as you were strolling along the frozen food section that some of the frozen food products are listed as halal. This is to ensure that the Muslim population is also catered to.

Frozen Food Is Good For Health

However frozen food, in general, tends to get a bad image for many health-conscious people, including Muslims. They might be under the impression that frozen food is not as fresh as raw ingredients or meals made from scratch, but the opposite can be true. When it comes to the halal meat Singapore has a wide range of local and imported products.

But in all fairness, although much praise is given to frozen food in this post, don’t take it as a green light to head over to your grocers the next time and only get frozen meals. Treat yourself and grab a freshly cooked dish once in a while. Although frozen foods are not as unhealthy as we assume them to be, sometimes there is no feeling better than getting a meal made with fresh ingredients. Also, we will admit, not all frozen food is what you would call Michelin Star quality, reheated food tends to have a mushy feeling when consumed, especially if they have been reheated in a microwave.

Watch this guy buying frozen food from a local store:

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