2022 NBA Mock Draft – Best Fit Vs Best Available For Each Team

The best player on the board or the best fit right now? It’s a timeless draft question that has vexed personnel executives and scouts since time immemorial, and will hover over the 2022 NBA Draft to be held June 23 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn (8 p.m. ET, ESPN and ESPN App).

Each of the NBA’s 30 teams will approach the issue from a different angle. Some teams are looking for the last missing piece and would rather fill a need. Some try to replace a player they expect to lose in free agency. Many more will take a longer-term view of the proceedings, selecting on the basis of potential and trying to identify the player who can serve as the franchise’s future pivot, or at the very least can develop their potential.

Meanwhile, one undeniable factor coloring these decisions concerns the people making them: How quickly should each team’s general manager or scouting department see a return on their June 23 investment? Although front-office staff tend to minimize this component, it is the one that must be taken into account. With that in mind, we’ve projected the 58 picks in the 2022 NBA Draft along two tracks: the best available player a team could take when it’s on time, and the available player who could fit into the team roster right now.

Lance B. Holton