4 people sick after swimming in public pool – NBC Boston

Four people who swam in a public pool in Cohasset, Massachusetts, felt sick after leaving the pool on Wednesday, the city manager said in a statement.

The Cohasset Swim Center pool did not have a health inspection permit. Before it opened, the city’s health department discovered a broken pipe that caused half the water in the center’s largest swimming pool.

Although this resulted in a chemical imbalance in the pool, staff still opened the resort to the public, according to a press release.

After four people called in sick from pool water, Cohasset’s director of public health and the town’s building commissioner closed the pool for an emergency inspection. Later that afternoon the chemical balance was restored and the broken pipe was repaired.

The Cohasset Health Department now requires swim center staff to test water quality five days a week for the next two weeks, the city announced Thursday.

Although the swim center now has health department certification for the pool, it is still working to acquire building permits.

The city says anyone seeking information is urged to contact the swim center directly, as it is not owned or operated by Cohasset.

Lance B. Holton