6 websites to share files with, without registration, email or app

We all sent the odd file by email and found that it is not the fastest for this task, besides seeing that we have the capacity to take care of said file, but the person to whom it is We sent it has a smaller email.

It forces you to have to send it back distributed in different files which is inconvenient or use some of the websites we all know for large files with the inconvenience of wasting time registering and others. paraphernalia.

That is why today we are going to show you several websites that do the exact same thing as what we just told you, i.e. share files, but without having to waste time in them. recordings, downloading apps or something similar.


We could go so far as to say that Wormhole is the faster tool for sending files over the Internet, and if it’s not the fastest, it’s among the best in this regard.

In addition, it is a safe toolbecause it has end-to-end encryption, so the level of security will be very high. Additionally, the files we put into Wormhole will only last 24 hours before being deleted from their servers.

When it comes to sharing something, in addition to the blazing speed place the file so that other people can download it, we also have some pretty interesting features.

We can share any file, even if it hasn’t been fully loaded yet, using peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange protocols. This is very interesting, because starting to share before it has finished loading will save a lot of time.

They can download files up to 5 GB and close the tab, but if we want to share files that are bigger, we must have the browser open, because in this way it is exchanged in a P2P manner.


Dropall is an application which also uses the P2P system to share through your browser.

We’re not going to install or register anything so that we can use it, something we’re going to save time in. The good thing about this tool is that has no size limit, nor any kind of number of files limit that we will transfer at the same time.

On entering, we’ll see how it asks you for a username and password, which it fills in, so you don’t really sign up for anything.

Then we enter the area where we can start transferring files so that later other users can download, even considering a Overview when they are loaded, if possible.

We must be clear that you can’t go out Dropall as long as you want others to be able to download a file, since this is a P2P system, so as soon as we leave the information is gone.

Transfer kit

TransferKit makes the benefits of decentralized storage networks available at the user level, without having to have a Blockstack account or other technical knowledge.

This tool is based on the Coin network, something that doesn’t really affect us at all, as the process of sharing and downloading a file is the same as any other.

The way to work is extremely simple, since it suffices to load the file (like 32 GB maximum), wait for it to finish loading then share the link with those who want to be able to download it.

The advantage of using this type of network is that we are protected before any type of failure in the download or in the security. The less positive part is that the data we put in this decentralized storage cannot be erased and they will always be there.


SendFileOnline’s security system is different from others and perhaps the most secure, a priori, since as soon as we enter information into the tool, it provides us with a 6-digit code, which should be used by those who wish to download the file.

That is, we do not have a link, but this code is responsible for giving access to the person (s) we want to be able to download said file.

They can use this type of PIN code for the next 24 hours to charge or during A whole week, It should be us who decide.


While we have tools that allow us to get up to 10GB in size for each file, the truth is, SendBig allows us the file reaches 30 GB, a considerable amount and which places many of its competitors very far.

Another of the most interesting facets of this website for downloading files is that if some type of error occurs and while loading a file it gets interrupted, when we reload it it will continue where it is. had stopped, so we will save a lot of time, thanks to this ability.

When it is loaded, we will put the expiration date to file or opt for the SendBig Snap feature, which allows the file to self-destruct when fully downloaded once.


Drop.lol is a useful tool if we want to transfer a file between phone and computer or between computers on the same local network.

A room is created where we will put all the files we want to share, reproducing a link which will be the one that we will give to others so that they can download it.

In the case of the phone, a QR code can be read if you want, because that way it’s faster.

Each person who enters is given a place in the tool, so that they can not only download files, but place new ones for others to download.

Include a cat where anyone can send messages to let others know about anything.

The person who generated the first link must have the browser open, because as soon as it closes, everything will be lost. Like other users, when they leave, everything they’ve shared will also disappear.

Now you know different tools to share your files without the need for recordings or apps, so that everything is extremely comfortable for you.

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Lance B. Holton