A bug in Google Messages could drain your battery

With all the apps we tend to run on our phones, we constantly worry about whether the battery will last all day – and that doesn’t help when apps misfire and perform power-draining functions. background. According to 9to5Google, a recent bug in Google’s Messages app on Android phones, the camera ran in the background – a great way to heat up your phone and drain your battery.

The Google Messages app lets you easily take a photo directly from the app and attach it to a chat message. According to the article by 9to5Google, the Camera app would sometimes keep working even though you didn’t have it onscreen. (This problem has also been reported with a Pixel 6 Pro in a Reddit group.)

Using the camera to send a picture via Messages (see bottom left corner) can make the camera work.

You can deny Messages permission to use the camera if you wish.

You can deny Messages permission to use the camera if you wish.

We were unable to reproduce the problem. However, if you find that your phone is abnormally hot or the battery is draining particularly quickly, it might be worth making sure your camera isn’t working yet – or simply dragging the Messages app out of the Recents view. , which closes the application. You can also deny Messages permission to use your camera by going to Settings > Applications > Messages > Permissions > Camera and selecting “Don’t allow”.

However, this may not be necessary. According to Scott Westover, communications manager at Google, the bug has been identified and the fix is ​​now rolling out to users.

Lance B. Holton