A New Era’ Debuts on Giants YouTube Channel

Since the end of the 2021 season, the Giants have undergone monumental changes. General manager Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll have been hired to usher in a new era of Giants football in 2022.

That’s the feeling surrounding the new season of ‘Giants Life: A New Era,’ presented by Tommy Hilfiger, which will premiere today on the Giants YouTube channel, Giants.com, the official Giants mobile app and the Giants TV app.

The premiere of “Giants Life: A New Era” takes viewers behind the scenes at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center to Schoen and Daboll’s first days with the Giants.

Shortly after his introductory press conference in East Rutherford, Schoen traveled with members of the front office to Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl. The first episode of “Giants Life: A New Era” follows the new GM’s journey down south to uncover some of this year’s top draft prospects.

The first episode also gives viewers a look at Schoen and Daboll’s first organization-wide staff meeting. The franchise’s new management met with all Giants employees for the first time to share their philosophy and vision for this new era of Giants football.

“It’s teamwork,” said the new head coach. “A fundamental pillar of success is people, and that’s what this organization is going to be about. Bringing the right kind of people to get the right kind of results, and that’s it.”

“Giants Life: A New Era” will continue to give fans an exclusive look at the Giants’ offseason as Schoen, Daboll and the entire organization work tirelessly for the 2022 season.

All episodes of “Giants Life: A New Era”, presented by Tommy Hilfiger, will be available on the Giants YouTube channel, Giants.com, the official Giants mobile app and the GiantsTV app.

Lance B. Holton