Android allows apps to create cross-device experiences

At I/O 2022, Google detailed a way for Android apps to create cross-device experiences, similar to Nearby Sharing, and the SDK developer preview is now available.

The Multi-Device SDK “allows developers to create rich multi-device experiences with a simple and intuitive set of APIs.” Namely, Google takes care of device discovery, authentication, and connection protocols (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and UWB), so app developers can focus solely on “enjoyable and enjoyable user experiences.” connecting these experiences across a variety of form factors and platforms.” Three main features are offered by the SDK:

  1. Device Discovery: Easily find nearby devices, allow peer-to-peer communication, and start the target application on receiving devices.
  2. Secure Connections: Enable two-way encrypted, low-latency data sharing between authorized devices.
  3. Cross-Device Sessions: Enable the transfer or extension of an app’s user experience across multiple devices.

This results in applications offering features such as:

  • Discover and allow communication with nearby devices.
  • Share the current state of an app with the same app on another device.
  • Starting the app on a secondary device without having to leave the app running in the background.
  • Establish secure connections for devices to communicate with each other.
  • Enabling task forwarding where the user starts a task on one device and can easily continue on another device.

In the long term, Google’s cross-device SDK will work on apps for Android phones, tablets, TV, automotive, Wear OS, ChromeOS, iOS, and Windows, with the company open to other platforms as well. forms. It is also backward compatible with Android 8.

The developer preview starts today with Android phones and tablets.

Head over to our developer guide to get started and try the developer preview of the Multi-Device SDK for Android. Be sure to check out our Rock Paper Scissor (Kotlin and Java) sample app on GitHub for a demonstration of how to work with the different APIs and our Google I/O ’22 cross-device dev session for a general overview. of the SDK.

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Lance B. Holton