App review: How can the Mindspa app help you improve your mental health?

One in four Nigerians suffers from mental illness, but help is hampered by tight budgets and a lack of trained staff.

According to an article on AlJazeera

Despite obvious ignorance of mental health issues due to religion and/or culture, there are organizations and applications like Mind spathat create awareness and help solve the problem.

For this week’s app review, we’ll be looking at Mindspa: A Mental Health App.

About the app

The Mindspa mental health app, released in 2020, is designed to provide emotional support in daily challenges.

Mindspa is a THERAPIST IN YOUR POCKET 24/7 application type, and is a step towards improving mental health. Although it is not a substitute for the professional help of a mental health physician, Mindspa can be a powerful adjunct to therapy, and in times of inaccessibility or affordability.

Review criteria: User interface, products offered, efficiency, pricing and user feedback.

User interface

The MindSpa app comes with cool, neutral colors – white and light blue – which provide a kind of relaxed vibe.

Choosing the right fonts for your app can mean the difference between a nice, appealing design and a boring, lifeless design. Mindspa takes this into account and uses clear but elegant fonts.

Navigating through app features is seamless as button titles provide clarity.

The registration process is simple and usually takes less than two minutes.

Products offered

Psychosutra Self-Help Exercise

This feature helps you deal with issues such as fear, shame, social anxiety, loneliness, sadness, apathy, melancholy, anger, guilt and many more.

As a self-coaching mental health app, this feature provides neatly curated long-term tasks that help you deal with whatever issues you may select and decide to work on. These tasks help you improve your mental health and general well-being, no matter what area you need help with.

Mental Wellness Articles

This feature gives you access to articles on a wide range of mental health and self-actualization topics.

The personal log and statistics

This feature can be used as a diary to record your feelings or moods.

The journal is a psychotherapeutic tool that helps analyze what you’ve written with statistics, highlighting areas you need to work on to improve your mental health and overall well-being.

It is a useful tool to assess your mood. And those with self-harming thoughts and tendencies are asked specific questions to help understand where their mind is at and their chances of harming themselves.

Digital Therapeutic Courses

The Mindspa app offers a collection of therapeutic courses that have been put together by professional psychologists to help you improve your mental health.

The courses are cognitive behavioral therapy and Gestalt therapy programs that are often used by psychologists for psychosocial intervention as treatment for signs of various symptoms of mental health problems, primarily for patients with symptoms of anxiety disorders and depression.

Emergency chatbot

The chatbot is always available to listen to you and give you viable answers to the questions posed.

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Product efficacy

If you want to better understand your emotions and how your mind works, you will find free tools on this application that will help you.

90% of users of this app reported an improvement in their mental health since using the app.

The app offers practical content on dealing with relationship issues, family challenges, a difficult co-worker, how to set boundaries, or even how to get your money back from a lender.


Although a good percentage of the app’s content is accessible for free, the courses are not free, but affordable.

Courses available on the app can be purchased for as low as ₦400 and as high as ₦36,000.

What are users saying?

Marina: Amazing tool if you want to help you live your best life. So much free content. In addition, all paid courses are more than affordable. Thanks for all you’ve done. I like your work.

Jennifer Lude: Psychosutra has been beneficial!. There is a part in the pain and it helps you to cope. It’s one of the best things I’ve seen. Especially if you are looking for alternative methods to reduce pain.

Dacia: Great app. Cool articles on very relevant topics, then you can keep a journal about said topics and feelings!


A) The log section can include a link to a resource to help people better understand the situation.

If it can be inferred that a person has a high chance of self-harming through the diary entry then they shouldn’t be left like that, the next logical step would be to suggest something that would ensure that they don’t carry out this thought.

Or, an alert system to a family or friend when determined.

B) It would be helpful to include a mental health dictionary that contains the A-Z of mental health issues like ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, etc., with definition of terms, symptoms, recommendations on how to treat it, etc

Of Technext For you, Mindspa mental health app is a great tool to deal with mental health issues, and the fact that 80% of app resources are absolutely free is very helpful.

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Lance B. Holton