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If you’ve noticed that the Apple TV app no ​​longer lets you rent or buy content on Android TV or Google TV, you’re not alone. This week we learned that the Apple TV app will no longer allow users to purchase content through Google’s services, and that’s a big deal.

Apple TV users have been able to buy or rent shows and use Apple’s billing system for about a year, but that’s no longer the case on some devices. If you own a Sony or TCL TV, Chromecast device, or any other device running Android TV or Google TV, you can no longer make Apple TV purchases unless you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or other streaming device. continued.

The situation was first identified by HD flat panels and 9to5Google, showing that the option to buy or rent anything from the Apple TV store is gone, and now we learn that subscriptions are prohibited. You’ll still be able to access everything you’ve already paid for, and continuing with new purchases won’t be as easy.

According to other online reports, the problem revolves around the fact that Apple does not want to let Google get a percentage of purchases through the Play Store billing system. As a result, he got a temporary exception from Google to use his own Apple process, and that agreement expired. If true, this sounds like another situation where two big companies are fighting, forcing users to deal with the fallout.

Now, when you go to buy or rent something from Apple TV on Android TV, you’ll see a “how to watch” button directing you to other Apple products or “supported streaming devices” to complete the purchase.

Those using Apple TV on Google TV streaming devices will first need an iPhone, iPad or other device to purchase or rent content, and then they can access it on their TV. However, from what we can see on the Apple TV support pages, you can still buy or rent through the Apple TV app on Roku devices, Xbox and Playstation consoles, select smart TVs from Samsung or LG , and of course, all Apple products. .

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