AUWU Launches Crowdsourced Employment Service Provider Review Site

Australians can now rate companies preparing welfare recipients for work thanks to a crowdsourced assessment platform launched by an advocacy group for the unemployed.

Australians applying for the JobSeeker payment are usually linked to an employment service provider with whom they must meet regularly. An industry has emerged from these privatized commercial providers who are paid by the government to help these welfare recipients find jobs, improve their resumes or perform other tasks.

The Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union (AUWU) is about to launch its employment service provider automated real-time tracking service in order to hold the industry accountable.

“Since the government has abdicated its responsibility to properly regulate their own industry, we have decided to do it for them, on the largest scale possible,” said AUWU spokesperson Jez Heywood. an article on the platform.

The service is a website application that combines a searchable database of service providers with a rating, service type, and location. Grading is determined by a peer-reviewed system developed by David O’Halloran and Simone Casey. It also retrieves all comments on the federal government job search provider list.

So far, AUWU’s survey has 242 responses that users can view by using the map or searching by program type. The app even includes a “wall of shame” for the lowest-rated vendors.

Heywood says the union has decided to launch its own rating system after the scrapping of an old government-run “star” system.

“It is ridiculous that after all these decades of a privatized employment services system, there has been no independent body to assess employment agencies, document their bad behavior and bring them into compliance,” the message reads. .

In 2020, documents obtained by the Guardian revealed that more than 5,000 payments to place welfare recipients in jobs or education had been recovered – totaling more than $1 million – from service providers since 2015.

On 1 July, the public employment service, jobactive, will be replaced by Workforce Australia.

Lance B. Holton