Barbershop Films Escapes The Hard Drive Hustle With EVO

Jeremy Drummond founded Studio 10 Productions (now Barbershop Films) in 2005. At the time, he didn’t think his small team needed a video storage server, so editors saved their media to external hard drives.

And everyone hated it.

Everything Wrong With Hard Drives

Portable hard drives clustered on desks like an endless game of Jenga. Courier fees have skyrocketed across the country. And there was always a risk that hard drives were mislabeled, so finding the right media was difficult and inefficient.

“Back then, our ‘server’ was powered by our legs,” joked Drummond. “We had drawers in the studio that stored discs and a spreadsheet directory for where to find camera files. It was quite archaic. »

They made it work, like the professionals do. But that was it: work.

Every project has become a chore. Even their favorite productions – massive $300,000 commercial campaigns that ooze creativity – were losing their luster. They were tired of running around the office looking for that file on that disk that couldn’t be found.

If only there was a system that could store all that media across multiple studio locations and simplify organization, so their team could get back to creating the content they love…

Fortunately there is EVO

The noble quest to find a better workflow fell to Jordan Bell, post-production supervisor/editor at Barbershop Films. Bell set out to find a solution to the team’s video storage and media management problems, a solution that would get them out of the hard drive hell they were living in.

After much research and thought, Barbershop Films got their first EVO shared storage server. And like a bag of chips, they couldn’t stop at just one. They now have four EVOs powering their post-production workflow at three studios in Western Canada.

So what sold them on EVO?

EVO is designed for video post-production

“EVO is first and foremost about video. It really impressed us,” says Bell. “I’m an editor, not a computer scientist. I liked that EVO was made for editors like me.

Sure, an ordinary computer server can host media files, but “EVO doesn’t just store files, it does so much more,” Bell added.

Every EVO shared storage server comes with the award-winning EVO Suite, an intelligent collection of software tools specifically designed for creative media production. With EVO’s built-in media asset management, automated replications and transcoding, cloud and NLE integrations, and flexible remote workflow tools, Barbershop Films has redefined the way they organize, share, and store media.

EVO includes ShareBrowser MAM

“When we were deciding where to place our investment, ShareBrowser played an important role,” Drummond said.

His team organizes their tri-city media library with ShareBrowser, the multimedia resource manager included with EVO. Now they search, tag, comment, preview and access their media through ShareBrowser instead of wandering around the office looking for a hard drive.

And because their EVO servers and users are all connected via SNS Cloud VPN, they can manage all their media across multiple sites, from anywhere, securely. An editor working out of the Vancouver office can search, preview and access media on EVO in Regina or Saskatoon without wasting time or shipping a hard drive.

This translates into faster turnaround times for their customers.

“EVO and ShareBrowser have accelerated our deliveries,” Drummond said. “Connectivity and having everything at your fingertips has made everything faster.”

EVO unlocks extra value

Better and faster media management is just the tip of the iceberg. Barbershop Films uses EVO and ShareBrowser as a customer-facing media portal, adding more value to their footage beyond the final deliverable.

Drummond explained how this new idea came about: “You spend $300,000 to shoot a 2-day commercial campaign, and this footage is great. It’s done, it’s been 13 weeks, it’s measurable. We’ve done everything what we were supposed to do. And that was the end of it.

“But now, with EVO, we’ve unlocked all that value in the shots that didn’t make the cut, in the extra angles that are great in a social piece, powerpoint, or pitch deck. We can take advantage of this and offer it to our corporate clients as an added value for their investment. »

This new customer offer is already bearing fruit. Their largest client can browse the 100TB of media Barbershop Films has shot on their behalf in the ShareBrowser web application. They can search by custom tags and metadata to find the images they want. They can even upload proxy files as needed for a slideshow or marketing deliverable.

EVO works with Premiere, Resolve and Camera To Cloud

Their upgrade didn’t stop at shared storage. Barbershop Films has revamped its multi-site post-production workflow using the latest in video production technology, all anchored by EVO.

Record some legacy projects in Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, the Barbershop Films post-production team works exclusively in DaVinci Resolve to cut, color and create amazing content. “EVO is great because we can host the Resolve database on the server and use all of Resolve’s collaboration features,” Bell added.

EVO integrates with all major NLE applications and also works great for Premiere-Resolve round-trip workflows.

With Camera to Cloud, Barbershop Films can film on location in Calgary while a client watches in Edmonton and an editor cuts live in Vancouver. Once that footage hits EVO, it’s automatically backed up daily to Dropbox (thanks to Slingshot, part of the EVO suite). “It all works really well together,” Bell said.

EVO is easy to use

Manage a large library of media across multiple sites, create a customer-facing MAM, integrate with cloud storage, and connect a multi-site workflow – Barbershop Films does it all with ease.

Commenting on the setup process, Bell said, “I’m just a publisher and I could do this. You need a taste of IT, but you don’t have to be an IT person to set this up. »

“Getting a server solution for our studios was a tough decision,” added Drummond. “But EVO made it easy, and the results are proven every day.”

EVO continues to innovate

If you couldn’t tell, Barbershop Films loves testing the limits of what’s possible in post-production. And EVO too.

With mountains of media transferred between multiple locations every day, SNS Cloud VPN maintains its multi-EVO environment at blazing speeds. In fact, Barbershop Films data transfer speeds are five times faster with the latest SNS Cloud VPN solution compared to a traditional VPN. (And about 500 times faster than FedEx.)

Whatever the task of their post-production team, EVO is ready to take it on with them.

“We couldn’t have done what we wanted to do with any other server,” Bell said. “EVO has changed the way we do business on the post-production and media management side.”

Lance B. Holton