Bill Roth set for ‘reunion tour’ in Virginia Tech radio booth

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) — The Hokies will kick off a new era of Virginia Tech Football at Old Dominion University on Sept. 3, with the return of a familiar voice to the radio booth.

“We’re going to play the shots,” said Bill Roth, Voice of the Virginia Tech Football Team. “Everything you heard during the great era of tech football comes back. We start again on Friday night. It’s our reunion tour.

The legendary voice of the Hokies spent 27 years in the broadcast booth before leaving the program in 2015.

He returned to Blacksburg in 2016 to start the Sports Media and Analytics program at Virginia Tech.

Now he finds himself in a familiar position.

“[Lane Stadium] is like a cathedral to me,” he said. “It’s holy grass, some of the greatest moments in people’s lives have been here in the stadium by incredible athletes on this pitch and I can’t wait to see more from this week. .”

Calling games for VT Football isn’t his only responsibility this fall. He has to switch between radio and teaching three classes and TV shows with ESPN.

“Every Monday morning I wake up and know I have three jobs during the week,” Roth said. “They’re all different, but they’re all related and ultimately each individual assignment helps our students in our Sports Media and Analytics program at Tech.”

Roth is the first to admit that some things have changed since he started with the Hokies in the 1980s.

“Fans can listen to our games on a mobile app, the Hokie sports app,” Roth said. “There were no apps in 1988. There were no apps when Michael Vick was doing flips here in this end zone, in the south end zone.”

In the end, some things will never change.

“The way we deliver, how fans receive our broadcast and enjoy our games is different, but the thrill of ‘Touchdown Tech’ is still the same,” Roth said.

Lance B. Holton