Celebrating our employees during Women’s History Month

women's history month

March is Women’s History Month, a time to commemorate, encourage and honor the vital role of women. This month, the City of Arlington celebrated the resilience and beauty of the women who work for our city by featuring them and their roles on Instagram. Below is more information about some of the amazing women in our organization.

Elizabeth Duong – Arlington Police Department Community Outreach Officer

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Officer Elizabeth Duong has been with the Arlington Police Department for five years. As a Community Outreach Officer, she works with different organizations in Tarrant County and the City of Arlington to provide resources to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in our community.

Agent Duong visits areas known to track homeless residents in Arlington, and she visits areas referred to her by other agents and the Ask Arlington app. It provides them with resources that can range from housing requests to obtaining food and clothing. Her favorite thing about her job is seeing so many different people come together just to help one person.

Dawn Reyes – Youth Services Librarian

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Dawn Reyes has worked for the library since 1996. She is passionate about what she does and has wanted to be a librarian since she was 13 years old. Her favorite thing is getting to know the families in the community who visit the Lake Arlington branch library. She loves getting to know the preschoolers who come every week for story time, then they grow up and she helps those kids find books to practice their reading, then a few years later she helps them find a book to have fun reading during the summer.

She focuses on delivering programs and services to children. Several days of the week, she presents story time to families with preschoolers at the Lake Arlington branch. Dawn also offers a chess club and a Lego building once a week for school-aged children. When she’s not hosting shows, she also helps visitors find books, movies and other materials. Finally, Dawn visits schools and community events to share stories and information about library services.

Ashley Woolnough – Animal Services Manager

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Ashley Woolnough has worked in animal welfare/animal shelter for 10 years and has worked with the City of Arlington since May 2021. Working in animal welfare, every day is different for Ashley. Her main priority as animal services manager is to perform research and administrative tasks to move the shelter forward. Making sure Arlington Animal Services (AAS) continues to improve every day is very important to Ashley. She therefore strives to keep abreast of best practices and the latest trends in animal welfare.

Ashley’s favorite thing about working for AAS is people, and of course animals. Ashley said, “We have a great community and we can do wonderful things for the animals in Arlington!”

Arlington Water Utilities Laboratory Services

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Arlington Water Utilities Lab is blessed with amazing women like Ashley Wolfe, Beverly Easley, Jackie Medina, Martha Dodgen and Meaghann O’Bryan working for them. Although they all have different roles, this group of sample collectors and laboratory analysts are responsible for sampling, testing and reporting results of Arlington’s water quality. Some form of testing and sample collection is carried out daily, even on weekends, to ensure quality and safety. They are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our drinking water.

Martha Dodgen, Laboratory Analyst

Martha Dodgen worked in the City of Arlington lab for 21 years. Martha has seen it all and every day is different. Some days she wears her personal protective equipment (PPE) and does chemistry under a balaclava. Other days, she analyzes samples on an analytical instrument. In addition, his job includes a lot of computer work. Martha likes her work to be varied and challenging.

Beverly Easley, Sample Collector

Beverly Easley is new to the city of Arlington and just started in January. She learned quickly with a few icy days in February and earned her Class D water operator license. A normal day for her involves going to specific locations to conduct field tests and collect samples. of water to take back to the lab for further testing. Beverly is currently undergoing laboratory training to perform bacteriological testing. Her favorite thing about her job is that she doesn’t have to sit in a desk all day and the impact of her job. Beverly was in the military for 10 years before leaving for college. Since graduating, her goal has been to work somewhere that truly has purpose and means something to the community. Beverly shared, “I’m at the bottom of the ladder in my current position, but even so, my work matters to me and my community.”

Jackie Medina, Laboratory Analyst

A typical day for Jackie Medina involves testing for metals in potable and non-potable water. This may include acidifying samples, checking instrument maintenance, and making solutions. One of her favorite things about her job is being able to set her own pace when working on her tasks, while maintaining a collaborative environment with others in the lab.

Meaghann O’Bryan, sample collector

Meaghann O’Bryan has worked for the City of Arlington for just over two years. As a sample collector, his mornings are spent sampling water in Arlington and Kennedale, and his afternoons managing the bacteriology lab. Meaghann loves commuting to work and spending time outdoors every day. Meaghann said: “It’s not the most glamorous outdoor job, but I love that I’m not sitting in a desk all day.”

Ashley Wolfe, Laboratory Specialist

Ashley Wolfe has worked with the City of Arlington for nearly 11 years. As a lab supervisor, she balances her own lab work while managing lab technicians and analysts and reviewing their work. It is his responsibility to help keep the City of Arlington in compliance with all state and federal regulations required for drinking water, including sampling, testing, and reporting of results. Ashley helps ensure the quality of all tests analyzed in the lab.

Ashley loves how every day is different at her job and that it’s not boring and routine. She loves solving problems with her team. Plus, she likes what she does matters. Ashley said, “Being part of the City of Arlington Water Department fills me with a sense of pride.”

women’s history month

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