City of Custer braces for winter storm

CUSTER, SD (KELO) – With snow forecast across KELOLAND this evening, cities across the state are bracing for the winter storm.

While that doesn’t sound like much now, the public works crews here in Custer are bracing for 4 to 8 inches or more of snow tonight.

“We started the week talking with our supervisors and public works operators to make sure the equipment was set up and ready to go out to clean the streets,” Hartmann said.

Tim Hartmann, acting director of public works, says crews are prepared for whatever the weather in South Dakota brings.

“Our staff are very aware of our snow alerts and our snow routes that we have. We are in December, as usual. We were very lucky, but it had to happen eventually, ”said Hartmann.

However, Custer County emergency manager Steve Esser says it’s important that everyone in town be prepared for the winter storm.

“Always keep at least half a tank of gasoline in the vehicle during the winter. When driving the roads are slippery, take your time to get to your destination, ”Esser said.

“And if you don’t have to go, the best thing to do is stay home,” Esser said.

Esser says driving is usually a problem when the snow starts to fall. Here are some tips for winter: prepare your car for winter. Have extra blankets in the car and good tires.

“Most people who have lived here for a while know that winter is coming, no matter how beautiful the weather is in recent weeks, winter will eventually come,” Esser said.

The Custer County emergency manager says to keep an eye on their social media for updates during the winter storm. You can also stay up to date on changing weather conditions on our KELOLAND weather app.

Lance B. Holton