CPaaS: the latest app-style communication portal puts everything in one place

Convenience, simplicity, speed: for businesses, it’s the little things that make the big difference.

From a technology perspective, we’ve taken them for granted in our personal lives for years.

A few taps on our phones and we’re quickly in our favorite web browser, apps, and messaging platforms.

No need to switch between devices: everything we need is there on our home screen.

In our working lives, technology has slowly caught up.

Integration is on the way, with cloud-based communications technology providers constantly trying to enable a more seamless user experience.

Phone systems integrated with video collaboration tools; Contact center software synchronized with CRM platforms; work softphones from anywhere that replicate head office functionality.

All this contributes to a smoother, easier and more productive work.

And, for managed service providers and value-added resellers, this heralds a huge opportunity.

“Browser-based business communication has evolved so much – users will only have to log in and everything will work, regardless of device or location,” says Gregory Janssens, Group Product Manager at Dstny, Europe’s largest UCaaS platform providerwhich is set to change the integration dial again with its soon-to-launch “ConnectMe” smart white-label communications portal.

“You just have a browser, log in, and it’s all right there, ready to use.”

“It will serve as a single entry point for users for all of their Dstny-powered services. They will also be able to personalize everything within the portal, allowing them to choose their communication methods and to maximize their productivity and user experience.

“The portal will have everything they need; they won’t have to go anywhere else for anything.

ConnectMe – which will be available on a direct wholesale and white label basis – will eventually offer full voice and video telephony functionality; messaging; collaboration and file sharing applications; contact center functionality and CRM integration; and call recording and in-depth analysis capabilities.

Most importantly for companies subject to EU legislation, all processes will be GDPR compliant and all data will be encrypted and stored in Dstny’s EU centers.

Aimed at SMBs, the feature will be deployed, scaled, and managed through quick and easy self-service processes.

“The emergence of phone apps 12 years ago changed the paradigm,” says Janssens.

“Suddenly people had technology in the palm of their hands that they could understand and use without the need for an instruction manual. They simply downloaded and started using.

“Now it has to be the same experience for business tools. It should be smooth and easy and just as normal to get, adopt and use as phone apps have become. It should not disrupt business processes, it should improve them.

“It’s about giving organizations a tool that can bring all of their workflows, processes, and communication channels together in one place in a way that makes everything easier and more productive.

“It will provide employees of companies and customers with an enhanced user experience and improve simplicity and manageability for MSPs. This means there are huge benefits for all parts of the chain.

All partners, whether service providers or resellers, will receive close pre-sale and post-sale support from Dstny, ensuring smooth provisioning, deployment and adoption.

“We build extremely close, personal and long-lasting relationships with our service provider partners,” says Janssens.

“This gives them and us fantastic strength in the market and ensures that enterprise end users will be extremely well served by ConnectMe. We are excited about the future and look forward to it transforming many businesses. »

ConnectMe will launch to a wider audience in September. To learn more and start a pre-sale conversation now, visit

Lance B. Holton