CREWBLAST app set to become ‘the ride-sharing app for billionaires’ as driver shortage continues

NEW YORK, NY, USA, Aug. 22, 2022 / — CREWBLAST, the technology-based aviation recruitment company, has seen accelerated growth amid a global pilot shortage continues to stress the aviation industry. As travel demand continues to grow from pandemic-era lows, commercial airlines are struggling to keep pace with demand and simply don’t have enough staff to outfit their flights.

In such situations, commercial airliners often seek to recruit qualified pilots from the private or corporate aviation industry, enticing them with a tighter schedule and good benefits despite a lower rate of pay. The result is a shortage of corporate pilots to man private and charter planes.

“We’ve seen demand skyrocket on the platform,” said CREWBLAST President Timothy Griffin. “With CREWBLAST, private aircraft can meet their staffing needs faster and more efficiently than ever before, and this is proving more critical than ever for many aircraft operators and owners.”

For ultra-rich and private business travelers, CREWBLAST turns into a sort of “ride-sharing app” as a service. When in need of crew for a last minute trip, users open the app, enter their itinerary details and can message all available crew members who can respond to the request instantly.

CREWBLAST, which was launched last year, is already operating worldwide. In addition to their recruiting app, they regularly publish industry data on their website, such as current recruiting rates and top aircraft type requests. The app is currently available in the Apple app and Google Play Stores. For more information on their flight contractor data, please visit

CREWBLAST is a premier private aviation staffing company founded in 2021. The company aims to fulfill all private aviation crew needs within minutes using its database of pilots and flight attendants highly skilled combined with its exclusive technology accessible worldwide. The CREWBLAST app is available on Google and Apple app stores as a free download. For more information, please visit

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