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Chicken Nugget Sauce Can’t Stop Suzuki’s Debut 2Ks originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Seiya Suzuki has been in Arizona as a Cub just long enough to knock twice and find out his new favorite thing about America.

“I was able to eat a lot of junk food,” the Cubs’ newly signed right fielder said, through his interpreter, on Friday’s show after hitting both hits against Rockies right-hander Germán Márquez during from its beginnings in the spring. for Cubs.

Junk food?

“Chick-fil-A,” he said. “I like the Chick-fil-A sauce with the chicken nuggets.”

Pretty funny considering he hit his manager this week for candy in trail mix David Ross was snacking while in the weight room one day, Ross told Beat Writers in Arizona – Suzuki rubbing the belly of the manager after pointing out the chocolate.

A sense of humor and ease with new teammates seems to be one of the most impressive things about the former Japanese All-Star, batting champion and Golden Glove winner, who signed an 85 contract million dollars over five years last week.

He also showed a surprising sense of composure under pressure when a searing foul ball narrowly missed hitting him in the dugout as he was being interviewed after being taken off the game, quickly pulling himself together and returning to the game. task.

Suzuki was warmly received by Cubs fans on Friday when he was announced on his debut.

“I felt like when I entered the league in Japan, like a rookie,” he said of his nerves.

Now he just has to get back to work adjusting to pitching in his new league. He hit on three pitches on his first at bat, five on his second and saw mid-90s fastballs and two of Márquez’s off-speed pitches along the way – eventually taking the third strike in each AB.

“I played foreign players in Japan,” he said. “But today I guess I was nervous so I didn’t have good shots. That’s what I’d like to do in the next game, make some adjustments and get a better batting.”

Maybe it’s the sauce?

I wonder if he tried In-N-Out Burger.

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