Delivery app picks Texas man as first-ever ‘chief taco officer’

SAN ANTONIO (KXAN) — A Texas native can now add to his resume what many would consider the dream job of taste-testing tacos across the state.

Favor Delivery, a Texas-based delivery app, has announced that it has hired Chris Flores as the first-ever Chief Taco Officer. Flores, who grew up and still lives in San Antonio, is spending the next two months traveling to different towns in Texas and sharing her experiences while trying tacos.

“It’s a big deal,” Flores said in an interview on Tuesday. “One of the most important things I want to communicate to people is the impact tacos have had on, number one, our economy; two, Texas culture; and third, how they literally tell the story of Texas.

Flores normally works to produce social media video content for clients and has developed an online following through his Eatmigos YouTube channel, which he used to review taco places and taquerias in his hometown and on his travels. This fun, food-based hobby prompted many of his fans and friends to alert him to Favor’s job opening in April earlier this year, and they encouraged him to apply. He said he ended up submitting his candidacy to become Chief Taco Officer on the very last day.

“I felt, hey, that’s me. This job, it was made for me,” Flores said. “I just felt like I had a lot of experience, and I also have a lot to offer. , because throughout this whole taco journey, I’ve become like a taco historian, if you will, because you have to learn so much. Your curiosity is starting to sting – hey, where did this come from or why are we doing this? Why is this region doing this? My love for tacos grew.

Flores traces his love and appreciation for tacos back to the cooking of his grandmother, who he described as a “typical Mexican grandmother.”

“His house was like a revolving door restaurant for our family,” he said. “Everyone would show up. She made tortillas, and she made whatever you wanted fresh in them. From there, we grew up eating tacos. It was literally a must. I probably ate tacos five times a week growing up.

Flores began her job as Favor Delivery’s Chief Taco Officer last week while traveling in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He and the Favor team work together to compile a list of places he can grab a bite to eat, and they consider the recommendations people send him on social media by sharing their favorite spots. He will then work to release three to four social media posts highlighting the taco places he has enjoyed there.

When KXAN spoke to him on Tuesday, he had traveled to Corpus Christi, and his wife and three children were visiting him there for this leg of his culinary journey across the state. Over the next two months, it will make a total of nine stops, primarily in major Texas metropolitan areas. He plans to come to Austin during the first week of August.

“It’s gonna be fun because, without even asking people for recommendations, Austinians just flooded my inbox, ‘Hey, you gotta go’ or tagged me, ‘You gotta try this! You gotta try them ! I am very excited.”

Flores shared that he often looks at pictures of tacos online before deciding which restaurants to showcase. He also pays close attention to the history of the establishment, as he would like to showcase it alongside the food.

“To me, that’s even more important than the tacos — the story, the turmoil, the struggle, especially during COVID,” Flores explained. “For these people to continue to stay open and keep their doors open, it’s just an amazing thing, and that only means one thing. If you were able to survive, you have good food. I mean, people eat your food, and it was good.

Flores hopes the content he creates as Chief Taco Officer will serve as a guide for Texans to find the best tacos statewide. However, his position only lasts two months and Flores hopes this will lead to a more permanent position at Favor Delivery, as he said food from even more communities deserves a chance in the spotlight.

Favor announced that Flores would receive $10,000 for his role as the taco chef. He is also ready to get free food, transportation, accommodation and delivery services for a year.

People can follow Flores’ tasting journey through Texas on the Promote Twitter account and Youtube.

Lance B. Holton