DEXTools integrates Solana on its data analysis application

New York, May 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Popular data monitoring platform DEXTools has just announced the integration of Solana on its app, making it now the largest token data analysis platform on the market. the crypto market, with its integration of 25 other blockchain networks.

The current association with Solana will include API integrations on associated exchanges within its network, such as Orca, Raydium Protocol, Step Finance, Saber and Aldrin Exchange, making any token launched on the Solana ecosystem traceable with information real-time data advancements. and tools that will help its traders create unique trading strategies, anticipate token chart movements, track and copy the most profitable portfolios, and allow users to invest and trade easily.

The DEXTools app, which was launched in May 2020, has amassed over 18 million monthly average users, making it one of the most visited financial websites in the world according to SimilarWeb.

“DEXTools’ goal is to be the campfire for crypto enthusiasts around the world to come together and work together, whether it’s projects, traders, crypto-VCs, institutional investors or even non-crypto businesses that want to join our community.” Says Javier Palomino, co-founder and CEO of DEXTools.

“With Solana’s latest integration into our platform, our community will gain valuable insights into the Solana ecosystem, relatively, the Solana community will thrive as millions of our users will now be able to access this unique blockchain layer.” Added Frederic Fernandez, co-founder and CMO of DEXTools.

The $DEXT token has provided a useful utility to users of the platform where holders gain an advantage over upcoming trending tokens from any of the 26 blockchain layers currently integrated into DEXTools, the categorization of holders of tokens also clarified that with a greater accumulation of $DEXT tokens, users will automatically unlock another tool benefiting the trade.

An upcoming mobile app is currently under development by DEXTools, to make it easier for users to access unique trading tools while on the go.

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Lance B. Holton