ESPN analyst reports NY Jets coaches sentiment on Mekhi Becton

It seems it’s not just fans who are frustrated with the former first-round pick.

More news from Mekhi Becton came out yesterday. Once again, this muddies the waters on the giant tackle’s status on the New York Jets.

ESPN insider Dan Graziano joined Mike “Greeny” Greenberg yesterday. He reported that there was “frustration” among the Jets coaching staff with Becton and they “wish he wasn’t overweight”.

Graziano added that he doesn’t know if a guy can get back in shape by training camp to make the coaches happy with him, but he added that Becton “has the support from the front office which has him. fished out”.

The final point Graziano makes is one that many Jets fans have embraced over the past few months: The NFL is a “production company,” and if Becton doesn’t play to the level of one of his top five, the ‘team’ will have a difficult decision to make. »

Although head coach Robert Saleh has refrained from making his feelings about Becton publicly known, the suspicion that he was unhappy with the attacking tackle comes from what he did not say. Graziano’s report confirms these suspicions.

Some of the team’s frustration with Becton dates back to before his injury in Week 1 last season. The team wasn’t happy that Carl Lawson smoked Becton in training camp last season, prompting offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur to comment that Becton was “not playing at his best.”

Mekhi Becton’s story becomes boring for many. Jets fans want to see Becton get to work erasing the ‘Big Bust’ moniker.

Lance B. Holton