Evil Dead: game review

Title: Evil Dead: The Game
Developer: Interactive Saber
Editor: Saber Interactive, Boss Team Games, LLC.
Platforms: PS4, PS5 (reviewed), Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, PC
Release date: May 13, 2022

Just when you thought Battle Royale games were the biggest and brightest star in the online multiplayer sky, in walks, asymmetrical survival, and slaps you hard in the face. You can’t swing a cat in the gaming world without touching a new and improved asymmetrical game, especially asymmetrical horror. Dead in broad daylight reigns supreme in the genre but many have tried to steal the crown and failed *coughFriday the 13th Gamecough*. However, there is a new kid in town and his name is Evil Dead: The Game. Can this game based on a beloved cult franchise take DbD down?

Evil Dead: The Game covers every movie and show that fans love except the evil Dead remake. This game shows no love for that one. We see Ash through the years, from college to dad bod Ash, my favorite. We also find some of his friends he met along the way, such as Annie, Henri le Rouge, Pablo and Kelly. Bruce Campbell returns to voice his titular character, as do Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago.

You have the choice to play as a survivor or as a horde of demons. If you choose a Survivor, there are four classes to choose from: Leader, Warrior, Hunter, or Support. Each class has its own special abilities and buffs.

The leader is just that; they lead the team and their special abilities will provide buffs to the rest of the team. The Leader class starts with Annie Knowby but Ash vs Evil Dead Ash and Arthur from army of darkness can be unlocked.

Next is the Warrior class which specializes in melee damage in close combat. If you love barn burners, this course is for you. This is also the class that can use Ash’s chainsaw hand. These buffs focus on melee damage and DPS increases. There are immediately three characters available: Ash and Henry the Red from army of darkness and Scotty from Evil Dead.

The third class is the Hunter class which focuses its damage in the form of long range shots. Melee is not the only option to cause death and destruction in Evil Dead: The Game. There are a few weapons available, from shotguns to rifles, pistols to revolvers, and a few specials in between. Special abilities of this class include greater ammo capacity, exorcism, use of stamina, and increased ranged damage. In this class is evil death 2 Ash, Kel de Ash vs Evil Dead and Ed Getley of evil Dead. You can also unlock Amanda Fisher.

The last survivor class is my favorite: Support. While I started with the Warrior class, I eventually changed. As you progress through the map, the more time you spend alone and in the dark, the more Fear you accumulate. When your fear reaches its peak, demons can possess you. At this time, you lose control and the player or bot embodying the demons can attack your own team. My favorite support ability is to rid your character and anything in your immediate vicinity of fear. This can be useful when surrounded by corpses or running in the dark. There are also team health buffs which are useful when no healing hemp soda is found. The characters in this class are the face babies evil Dead Ash, Cheryl Williams and ashes against evil dead Pablo Simon Bolivar.

As a survivor, the goal is to collect the three map pieces that will eventually lead you to the missing pages of the Necronomicon and the Kandarian Dagger. Collect them and you can fight the demons. Once the big red baddies are down, you need to protect the Necronomicon so it can be cleaned up. If you do, bing bong you’ve won the game.

Word of warning. If you get ANY kind of motion sickness while playing video games, DO NOT PLAY Evil Dead: The Game the demon. You will want to vomit after about 10 seconds. Please trust me…I know this from experience. The movement in spirit form is so loose and wobbly to mimic Sam Raimi’s famous shots that it may make anyone afflicted want to cough up their lunch before they can say “klaatu barada nikto”.

There are three classes to play as a demon: Wardlord, Puppeteer, and Necromancer. In all the random games I joined almost all were necromancers and only one player chose Warlord. The Necromancer is of course the flashiest option with Evil Ash leading the way and an army of skeletons, but each class has its own perks.

The leader of the Warlords is Deadite Henrietta. Now that’s a character that made me feel more scared than Marguerite of RE7 did in its bug form. In terms of pure creep factor, she takes the cake. His army consists of your standard Deadite people, which can be a bit confusing when everyone on the team is huddled together in a dark area. Just close your eyes, swing and pray. Warlord class perks are increased damage buffs.

Evil Dead: the dead

Next come your Puppeteers. These guys consist of Deadite Berserkers, Eligos, and Demi-Eligos. They focus their power on group possession and manipulation. Who needs to attack survivors when they can get them to attack each other, right?

The final group is the popular school mob: the Necromancers. Led by Evil Ash and Skeleton Elite, this class can summon more and more enemies. Although the enemies aren’t particularly strong, they are plentiful and will bother you if surrounded. There is also a skelly man who plays the flute and I like that.

The maps are randomized and vary a bit, but really, it’s all so dark that it’s hard to tell one map from the other most of the time. If you get caught in the dark and your fear level rises, make sure you have matches handy to light a fire for a temporary fix. The maps look big and you have the ability to drive a car, but make no mistake, it sucks. The controls are crazy and these cars don’t understand the straight line concept.

Much of what happens in asymmetrical survival horror, it can get a little repetitive. Each game has the same objectives, mostly the same enemies. Kill, collect, wash and repeat. Random games are easy to join and there are plenty of servers, so waiting time is almost non-existent. Butt pain comes with adding people to your group. I played on PS5 with a friend. We had a chat about the PS5, but to play together I had to manually send him an invite to EVERY MATCH we played. I’m not sure I understand the extra steps for each game.

Evil Dead: The Game

If multiplayer isn’t your bag, a single-player option is available. There are missions that touch on some popular moments in the franchise where you’ll play as Ash, Pablo, and Arthur. These are not particularly long missions and they end with unlocks. Although the single player missions are fun, you can tell the game was designed with multiplayer at the center.

A little like Dead in broad daylight (who had Ash and evil Dead as DLC), completing rounds will earn you points which you can spend to level up and unlock skills. Each character has their own individual skills, even within the same class. This small change between characters can make a big difference in replayability.

So how the Evil Dead: The Game watch? In fact, it looks pretty good. Ash character models are perfect. I have never seen Bruce Campbell’s face captured so well. If you’re anything like me, and I’m sure you are, you have a crush on Bruce Campbell, old and young, and they’ve done a great job of capturing the essence of him in animated form. The little sound bits during gameplay are fun additions. They never got boring even when repeated, but only because it’s Bruce. The environments look good. I mean, it’s always so dark and most of what you see are trees. There’s not much to say about the environmental graphics, but let’s be honest, that’s not what we’re here for anyway.

East Evil Dead: The Game fun? Sure. It’s like every other asymmetrical horror game, except there’s also crossplay. You can play it for a bit, then walk away and not miss it until the day you feel like it. Besides, it’s always better with a bunch of friends.

You can play Evil Dead: The Game now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Evil Dead: The Game (PS5) Rating: 7/10

While there’s nothing to make Evil Dead: The Game stand out from other asymmetrical survival horror games, what the game does, it does really well. However, this similarity will get old pretty quickly.

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Lance B. Holton