Fairo, an innovative financial app for freelancers, is launched in Romania. Golin will develop the communication strategy

Golin announced the launch on the Romanian market of the all-in-one mobile financial application Fairo, which helps freelancers simplify the management of their finances and administrative tasks. In 2022, Golin will develop an integrated communications strategy for Fairo, preparing a mix of influencer marketing, media relations and special projects.

The application developed by the Austrian startup Creative Dock, with the support of Raiffeisen Bank International, was launched with the help of Golin on the Romanian market from August 2021.

“Fairo fills a growing need in the world of freelancers: to be able to manage all your operations in one place, without hassle, including those related to invoicing, cash tracking, tax reporting and other administrative operations. We are delighted to be able to communicate a useful and innovative tool at the same time, for which we have drawn up a personalized communication plan. We have lots of ideas on the horizon for 2022 and can’t wait to see them come to life as we work with a brave and creative client, so the perfect mix for great results,” declared Roxana Diba, General Manager of Golin.

The communication campaign began with the launch of Fairo through a game: an escape room to which were invited all freelancers who wanted to escape from a world where the weight of administrative activities kept them prisoners and regain their free time. The Escape Room was the perfect mirror of what you could do much more easily if you had Fairo with you, the partner that helps you with everything from invoicing, tracking business cash flow, tax calculations and reports.

“We chose Golin because we wanted a professional partner with the experience and vision to be on the same page when it comes to our start-up energy and vibe that gets things moving. With the launch of Fairo, we want to make it easier for freelancers to focus on their core business and save time by providing them with an integrative solution to simplify business administration and finance. We know that our product will be of great help for freelancers in Romania. declared Igor Prerovsky, CEO Creative Dock Austria.

Fairo began its journey by making its billing capabilities available to freelancers operating as sole proprietor PFAs, PFIs and SRLs. In Romania, already more than 2,000 customers are taking advantage of Fairo’s invoicing tool, allowing them to create invoices in 60 seconds, on the go, in multiple currencies and languages. FairoSync payment coupling technology ensures that Fairo customers are always up to date with their customers’ invoices that have been paid, are overdue or unpaid. Plus, they can easily and securely track their business income and expenses by connecting their bank accounts to the app with a read-only connection.

In 2022, the Fairo team plans to release more features, including tax calculation and reporting features.

Fairo is available for free in App store and Google Play Store and it now even welcomes new users by rewarding them with a bonus of 50 lei for creating their first invoice with the app.

The Golin team for Fairo: Cristina Butunoi (Deputy General Manager), Ioana Barbu Florea (Senior PR Manager), Adrian Anghel (Digital Manager), Alexandra Dumitru (Senior Media Associate), Anca Mangra (Junior Media Associate).

Lance B. Holton