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Rune Labs, StrivePD

The United States Food and Drug Administration has just authorized Strive PDan app that tracks and detects symptoms of Parkinson’s disease using Apple Movement Disorders API. Rune Labs, the company behind this app, hopes it will speed up research into Parkinson’s disease and improve the lives of patients.

As defined by the NIA, Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder that causes involuntary or uncontrollable body movements. Shaking, loss of balance, stiffness and difficulty speaking are hallmarks of Parkinson’s disease. And while there’s no cure for the condition, proactive treatment can slow or lessen some symptoms.

StrivePD should, in theory, take some of the guesswork out of Parkinson’s care. Doctors and patients can use the app to track the progress, progression, or improvement of symptoms over time. And this detailed data could make care decisions (such as medications) more effective.

But the app isn’t just for collecting tremor data. Patients can use it to record their mood, for example, which can give them insight into their mental health (about 50% of people with Parkinson’s disease suffer from depression). The app can also remind patients to do their daily tasks, take their medications, or think about their goals.

StrivePD is currently open with a waiting list. Those accepted into the program will receive an Apple Watch, but they will need to convince their neurologist and healthcare team to get involved.

Source: Rune Laboratories Going through PCMag

Lance B. Holton