Fraudsters Morph Engineer’s Photo To Recover Loan | Pune News

PUNE: A 22-year-old computer engineer of Kurkumbhwho applied for a loan on an online app, went through a tough time when he had to repay more than the amount taken by unknown callers, who transformed his photos and threatened to share them with family and friends.
The engineer approached the rural pune police and filed charges against the five unknown callers. A rural police officer in Pune said the complainant was an engineer and was also pursuing a degree in marketing at a university based in Baramati. “He was facing financial problems so he decided to get a loan from an online lending company, where one can get a loan at ease,” the officer said.

He said that after searching the internet, the complainant selected an app and downloaded it. On June 2, he had sent a loan request of Rs3,000 through the application. “On the same day, the plaintiff received 2,275 rupees in his bank account and on June 5, 2,274 rupees were again transferred to his account,” the officer said. He added that the complainant then received messages informing him that he had to return the amounts of the loans taken out on June 2 and 5, before June 9 and 12 respectively.
“The complainant then began to receive messages from strangers to make payment immediately and close the accounts. He was also told to repay Rs 3,500 each for his two loans,” the officer said.
The person also sent him his transformed photo and contact list and told him he would send the photo to all his contacts,” the officer said.

Lance B. Holton