Front has raised over $10M in seed funding to change the way you invest in crypto and stocks

Today on ProductHunt, Front also announced that trading is enabled for all users in brokerages and connected crypto accounts. Now, Front users can execute trades and manage investments across all their brokerage accounts in one app. Having embarked on August 2021the Front application has recently exceeded $600 million in connected assets. Front is integrated with over 150 brokerage firms, including popular platforms such as Robinhood, Coinbase, Ameritrade and Alpaca, allowing the majority of retail investors to easily manage their entire portfolio in one app. .

“We are proud to support Front’s efforts for a streamlined investment solution that helps people make better investment decisions,” said Ullas, General Partner of Streamlined VC. “We are excited to help fuel Front’s unique vision and position to help investors manage their aggregate portfolio in this digital world.”

“Since launching Front in 2020, we have been focused on building a powerful investment app to better meet the needs of a new generation of investors,” said Bam Azizi, CEO and Co-Founder of FrontFinancial. “Gen Z and Millennials manage their lives on their phones, and they deserve a better solution that helps them manage all their assets and investment data on the go, all in one app.”

“Front is also independent of the market. We’re here to help whenever investors need us, and our ability to help investors potentially improve their portfolios is unaffected by a market downturn.”

Front continues to expand the functionality of its app to meet the needs of a new generation of investors. Its 40-person team is focused on further integrating with brokers, crypto exchanges, and digital asset wallets globally this year.

Front continues to deliver powerful functionality to support mobile investment solutions by building products with clear goals of personalization, connection, and a customer-centric approach.

About Front Financial, Inc.

Front is a platform offering portfolio and data aggregation across all asset classes (Equities, Crypto, Alts, NFTs, etc.) to help users see all their assets in one place. As a companion app to Robinhood, Coinbase, Carta, OpenSea, and more, Front makes it easy to manage investments on the go. Front is a great app for retail investors offering real-time playback and execution integration with 150+ brokers, markets, exchanges and data providers. In addition to aggregation, Front provides users with a personalized experience, portfolio optimization insights, a Front score, social investing, educational tools, and real-time market data. Get free Front-end app for iOS and Android. Learn more about

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