GBank Financial Holdings Inc. is pleased to share BankCard Services, LLC’s (BCS) press release regarding BCS’ patent application cleared by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

LA VEGAS, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GBank Financial Holdings Inc. (“GBank” or the “Company”) (OTCQX: GBFH), the parent company of Bank of George (the “Bank”), is pleased to share BankCard’s press release Services, LLC (“BCS”), a technology company that enables financial institutions to participate in cashless gaming, announcing that the April 1, 2022BCS Received Notice of Allowance from United States Patent and Trademark Office for BCS Patent Application PIMSMT proprietary banking solution. A Pooled Player Account (“PPA”) Powered by PIMSMT provides individual ledger account management for a client of gaming operators.

BankCard Services, LLC’s full press release can be found here:

BankCard Services LLC patent application cleared by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Under its contract with BankCard Services, LLC, Bank of George has been providing banking solutions for Sightline Payments since 2016.

BankCard Services, LLC, was established in 2014 and entered into an agreement with Sightline Payments to provide a BCS sponsor bank with the issuance of a Discover prepaid reloadable card to enhance Sightline’s Play+ cashless solution for the payment industry. Thu. BCS has reached an agreement with Bank of George, in Nevada, as Sightline sponsor bank. To date, the Sightline / BCS / Bank partnership serves over 600,000 accounts with over $1.5 billion in operations.

BCS and the Bank, a subsidiary of GBank, also launched the Oregon State Lottery online sports betting program with SB Tech, World Pay (FIS) and Sightline Payments in 2018 with the development of BankCard’s exclusive Pooled Player account. Services, LLC (“PPA”). ) Powered by PIMSMT. PIMSMT expanded the PPA structure with FDIC-insured individual player accounts that enable cashless digital transactions.

BCS recently announced its contract with Wagr as its latest cashless gaming customer using BCS’s pooled player account Powered by PIMSMT at the Bank of George.

The company

GBank Financial Holdings Inc. (“GBank” or the “Company”) (GBFH), a bank holding company with approximately $618 million of assets to December 31, 2021operates through its wholly owned subsidiary, Bank of George (named in honor of george washington). Founded in 2007, the Bank operates two full-service commercial branches in Las Vegas, Nevadawith core lending activities focused on engaging clients in Nevada, California, Utah, and Arizona. Bank of George has key businesses in three major divisions: SBA Lending, Gaming FinTech and Commercial Lending. The Bank operates nationwide through its SBA lending business (ranked 19th nationally by the U.S. Small Business Administration for SBA 7(a) dollar lending volume through September 30, 2021) and its partnership. Launched in 2016, the Bank’s Gaming FinTech division, under its contract with BankCard Services, LLC (“BCS”), enables Sightline Payments Play+ Solution (Sightline Payments) to offer seamless and secure payment and gaming that enable cashless mobile commerce solutions. for the gaming, lottery and sports betting ecosystems – positioning GBank as a financial leader in this new world of payments. The Bank also provides general commercial banking services with an emphasis on the needs of small and medium enterprises, high net worth individuals, professionals and investors. The Bank offers a full suite of consumer deposit products and is focused on providing a superior level of service. Bank of George has been recognized annually for each of the past five years by S&P Global Market Intelligence as one of America’s Top 100 Community Banks under $3 billion in assets. For more information about Bank of George, please visit its website at GBank’s common stock is listed on the US OTCQX exchange under the symbol GBFH.

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