Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know you could do on Zoom

When the pandemic hits us, online video conferencing platforms save us. These platforms connect us to our family, friends and colleagues.

We are able to follow our work using various video conferencing software. And Zoom is one of them.

We know how to use zoom. We know we have to open it, join a meeting and sit still while listening or participating in meetings or webinar. We know its basis. But have we explored it enough to know all its benefits?

Here are the five things you probably didn’t know you could do on Zoom, but definitely something you need to know.

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Learning how to navigate the Zoom meeting space so you can deliver a report effectively can improve your presentation. Learn how you can share your screen and record meetings while on Zoom.

1. Record a podcast

Almost everyone has a podcast, if you don’t have one yet, maybe it’s time to make one. Do you know you can use Zoom to record a podcast?

One of Zoom’s capabilities is to record call audio. Moreover, it has the ability to save participants’ audio streams as separate files. Therefore, by combining this with some podcast editing software, a podcast can be created from a Zoom call, according to the Use article.

To get started, you just need to open Zoom then go to Settings, then go to Recording. Simply check Record a separate audio file for each participant.

During the Zoom call, just tap Record, then tap Save to this computer. The audio will convert automatically when the call ends. Then the backup folder will open.

2. Share your mobile screen

According to a Zoom blog, another unique feature of Zoom is that it lets you share your entire mobile screen, apps, and everything.

This feature is very useful if you are working on an application or trying to demo an application. Plus, you’ll find it useful if you want to share content that you keep on your phone.

For this to work, simply share the screen using iOS mirroring using your iPhone or iPad. Then you can join the Zoom meeting from your computer, where you also need to click on Screen Sharing. Then double-click on the iPhone/iPad option and just follow the instructions.

If you’re an Android user, just click share + screen and you’re done!

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3. Have fun with virtual backgrounds

Another impressive feature of Zoom is the virtual background. This feature allows you to display any image or video in the background of your webcam. It works even if you don’t have a green screen, as per the Using article.

To use it, just go to Settings, then Virtual Background. Next, to add an image or video, you need to click on the plus icon. Next, click on the thumbnail of the image or video you want to use.

4. Personal Meeting Identifier (PMI)

When you use Zoom, you get your own Personal Meeting ID (PMI). This is a permanent virtual room. This lets you start your meeting at any time or you can use it to schedule a meeting for future use, according to a Zoom blog.

If you are subscribed to a paid Zoom plan, one of your benefits is that you are allowed to customize your meeting ID. You can change it to something you will remember easily.

5. Watch YouTube or Netflix together

Do you miss the evenings where you watched movies in a group? If you can’t host an in-person meeting, try replicating the experience via Zoom. Enjoy a number of YouTube videos together using Zoom.

Likewise, you can watch Netflix together. The platform will allow you to see the reactions of others just as you would in person. You might as well discuss what you’re watching on Zoom.

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