Hottest Adtech Companies of 2021

  • The ad technology industry has rebounded significantly from 2020 with new funding, IPOs, and a focus on streaming TV.
  • Yet privacy challenges lie ahead for ad technology companies as third-party cookies disappear.
  • Here are 21 adtech companies that stood out this year.

2021 was a great year for advertising

tech industry


After a difficult 2020 in which advertisers reduced their ad spend, the industry rebounded this year with a focus on new ad formats for streaming and cookie-free advertising. Adtech companies have also benefited greatly from a strong financial market, with many going public and capitalizing on renewed investor confidence in digital advertising.

Apple and Google’s privacy-focused measures have forced companies like LiveRamp, The Trade Desk, and ID5 to step up efforts to save on targeting and measuring digital ads.

The growth of funded ads


Television has driven nearly all advertising technology companies to pursue this spending with products that make it easier to buy and sell streaming ads.

And retailers like Albertsons, Instacart, Kroger, and Walmart have stepped up their ambitions as ad sellers to take Amazon dominance, catalyzing a cottage industry of ad tech companies that help advertisers buy ads from retailers.

Here are the top 21 adtech companies of the year, based on our reports and nearly 70 nominations. We have also highlighted a star employee to know from each company.

When compiling the list, we’ve taken into account the challenges businesses are looking to solve – from replacing third-party cookies to changing TVs.

advertising industry

, and the rise of retail media. We looked at a variety of factors including revenue, fundraising, and reputation.

Lance B. Holton