How iSpot uses tech-driven ad analytics to challenge TV industry stalwart Nielsen

iSpot’s chief technology officer, Anthony Skinner, talks about the Seattle-area company’s TV advertising analytics at a recent NBCUniversal developer conference. (Screenshot via NBCUniversal video)

Most online publishers and advertisers are used to real-time analytics, the ability to see how many people are viewing a website or app at any given time, where they are from, generally who they are and what they are. do on place.

But this concept was new to television advertising before a startup called came along in 2012. The Bellevue, Wash.-based company has shifted data processing time on television commercials from weeks and days to hours and minutes.

A decade later, iSpot is a key partner and resource for major media platforms and advertisers. With over 300 employees, the company has grown organically and through acquisitions is increasingly becoming an alternative to the industry mainstay Nielsen as an audience measurement standard.

Meanwhile, Nielsen is acquired by a private equity firm for $16 billion.

Reflecting this change, NBCUniversal announced a multi-year agreement with iSpot to provide real-time audience measurement across all platforms, beginning with the 2022 Winter Olympics and Super Bowl LVI, and most recently for NBCUniversal’s “initial” negotiations with advertisers for the 2022-23 television season.

The news was announced Anthony Skinner, iSpot’s chief technology officer, during an NBCUniversal developer conference on the Saturday Night Live stage in March. Skinner joins us in this episode of the GeekWire podcast to talk about the underlying changes in the way we all watch TV and consume content, and how analytics have evolved along the way.

The company is a finalist in the Next Tech Titan category at the 2022 GeekWire Awards, and Skinner was featured in a 2019 GeekWire Geek of the Week profile.

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Lance B. Holton