How To Download Hunbrain For Android/Ios Full Instructions |

Application Usage Analytics and Tracking is a web-based program for monitoring and analyzing WhatsApp and a variety of other Android applications. It was developed by a company called WatzTracker and has recently gained popularity among smartphone users.

The “Application Usage Analysis” program is simple to use yet extremely functional and powerful in terms of device/application monitoring. Although it is available for free on the Google Play Store, it requires a subscription to access the tracking features.

This application has recently gained popularity after an article about it was published on the famous website Many people also search for whatsapp tracker using app name hunbrain.

The “Hunbrain App Usage Analytics” offers a one-day free trial period followed by weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription options. Subscription plans are extremely reasonable.

Their monitoring and tracking capabilities provide users with unbeatable value for money. After the free trial period expires, users can purchase the membership through in-app purchases. The purchase process of this app is completely secure and fraud free.

Download Tracker for WhatsApp latest version

The “WhatsApp Tracker” is now available in version 1.2, optimized for all Android 4.4 and higher smartphones. User should make sure their android smartphone has at least 2MB free space before downloading brain app. In “WhatsApp tracker”, in-app purchases range from INR 260 to INR 1861 and offer a variety of benefits and uses.

This Android application offers many advantages to its users. An active subscriber can track three separate WhatsApp numbers in a single session. This allows users to track the last time their loved ones were seen, daily WhatsApp usage hours, data, previous week/month stats, and more.

Hunbrain Tracker for WhatsApp and other Android app

“WhatsApp Tracker” not only tracks WhatsApp usage, but also a variety of other Android programs that we use daily. One can track his daily activities on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, gaming apps, music & video apps, and photography apps among others. The app usage analytics feature gives real-time notifications regarding app usage.

Apart from paying for a subscription, WhatsApp usage analytics tracking also requires a consistent and uninterrupted internet connection to monitor app activity. Without a reliable internet connection, the application may bewww hunbrain com app unable to track user or provide data. Moreover, with app tracking and usage analytics from hunbrain, one can set time restriction or time reminder and get notifications for prolonged or excessive usage.

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