If you also don’t want to share Aadhar card anywhere? So keep this app in phone for more security

New Delhi: The government has issued new guidelines for people to exercise caution when sharing copies of Aadhaar cards. They were instructed to use only masked Aadhaar. In such a situation, it is the maadhaar, where you can keep your Aadhaar details safe. You can easily share it offline from your mobile at valid places.

Keep M-Aadhaar app on mobile:-

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has launched the new m-Aadhaar app for smartphone users. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Your Aadhaar information stays secure so this app has many great features. For example, if an Aadhaar number is active on this application, it is not accessible from another mobile. If you change mobile, as soon as the application is activated on the new device, it is automatically deactivated on the old one.

MAadhaar valid everywhere:-

The app also offers offline Aadhaar, which you can use to view anywhere as proof of identity if needed. This identity document is valid from train stations to airports. The government, in its new guidelines, has called for the use of masked Aadhaar. In such a situation, using mAadhaar can also be a safe option.

Find out where your base is shared:-

Currently, on the mobile app of most banks, people have the option to set the limit of debit or credit cards, in order to control their use. They can even change their ATM card PIN on the app itself. Similarly, in the mAadhaar app, you have the option to lock your biometrics and Aadhaar. This means you have full control over your basic details.

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