Interview: Video Analytics using Artificial Intelligence – Enalytix

In a traditional workplace, productivity is limited to controlling check-in and check-out times. However, this is no longer relevant in the post-pandemic world. Today’s remote and hybrid workforce requires real-time, AI-powered visibility into:

  • Where are the employees during working hours?
  • Do they communicate and collaborate effectively with their peers?
  • Are they performing their main tasks as expected?

There is no single automated system that provides visibility into all of the above; most existing systems are on-premises and don’t work for all types of labor.

What is the background of the founders, background behind Enalytix

Rajul Tandon is the CEO and Founder of Enalytix – an innovative start-up in the field of AI and computer vision. Rajul is an experienced IT professional and business owner with over 17 years of global experience in AI and business analytics.

Neerja Kumar is the COO and co-founder of Enalytix, leading global operations, product development and growth strategies. She brings over 20 years of experience in business strategy, program management and quality control of technology products.

As an SME, we have always struggled to have visibility into what our employees were doing and how effectively after marking their presence, especially during the pandemic period. Being a small organization, we didn’t have an elaborate ERP and were looking for ways to efficiently allocate tasks and monitor the quality of work, especially for our field team. We decided to implement a geo-fenced mobile AI system, which could be easily used by all employees and helped us streamline operations. As a result, it sparked the idea of ​​making it a product for organizations like us.

What is the motivation behind the idea?

As a company, we have faced some challenges and so we decided to empower organizations to build a connected and productive workforce by leveraging mobile AI technology and tools, with minimal cost/change management.

Is mobile AI the way to Workplace 2.0?

Work is now digital and mobile, creating new challenges for teams working digitally across borders and locations. Organizations are looking to adapt to mobile technologies and tools to create a connected and productive workforce.

High smartphone usage in urban, semi-urban and rural populations, low mobile data costs, 5G deployment and the possibility of deploying AI models on mobile phones are attracting organizations towards mobile technology to create future-ready workplaces.

How mobile time management is driving a new era for employee time tracking that allows organizations to seamlessly transition to a “work from anywhere” culture, while effectively managing the workforce ?

The effectiveness of the solution is measurable and has many advantages. Few are listed here –

  • Facial recognition-based system ensures authenticity – no punching friends
  • Geofencing ensures the person is where they should be working
  • Computer vision artificial intelligence reduces manual efforts to scan employee work reports and derive relevant data points to assess whether the task was performed as planned
    • For example – In a market research organization performing retail audits, supervisors can easily tell if a member of their team has visited a store required for data collection because the system reads the store name at from the exterior image of the store;
    • A sales manager can gauge the quality of his sales executives’ interaction with the customer, by configuring the system to search for specific keywords in the conversation.

The advantage of artificial intelligence for time tracking, employee collaboration and productivity compared to current systems such as; Biometric systems / RFID system?

Both are different in the following ways –

  • Secure and auditable face-based time tracking
  • Location-based work management
  • AI platform to collaborate and increase productivity

What is their USP of Enalytix

A mobile AI application based on facial recognition gives a holistic view of employees and their work efficiency, in the new world of “work from anywhere”.

With a single application, an organization can know:

  • WHO – Which employees work
  • WHAT – What are they working on
  • WHERE – Where do they work and collaborate from
  • HOW – How well they work

Currently, none of the time and attendance apps offer all of the above features.

What are your first fights?

Mapping product features with market requirements and rolling out new releases at a rapid pace has been our biggest challenge, and delivering a quality product while keeping costs down is another difficult balance that demands our constant attention. .

Funding received

We are a start-up company and have not yet raised funds. We will seek funding in 2023 when we are ready to scale.

User base they have reached so far

We currently have our beta solution running in 10 large and small businesses with over 300 employees registered and actively using the app.

New areas if they seek to develop?

We already have the app ready and it is available in the playstore for download. Now we need to increase our marketing efforts and push subscriptions. Our goal is to get 100,000 downloads in the next 3 months.

How Techiexpert can help them promote their start-up

We encourage Techiexpert to use the app for their own employees and share their positive experience with the industry.

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