Is the New Profile Pic app secure? Expert warning as users share fears Russia steals data

INTERNET users are warned about the New Profile Pic app because it might steal their personal information, an expert has claimed.

A new app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to turn your profile picture into a work of art has cybersecurity experts worried.


Internet users are warned about the New Profile Pic app because it could steal their personal information, an expert has claimed

Called NewProfilePic (also NewProfilePic Picture Editor), the app has taken the internet by storm and already has tens of thousands of users.

However, some experts believe the service, which uses facial recognition technology, sends the photographs and user data to the Kremlin, according to the Daily Mail.

Why do experts think the app is not safe?

Whenever a popular app comes out, many variants and copycat versions quickly follow, some with nefarious intentions.

In the Apple App Store in the US, the app is called NewProfilePic Picture Editor and was developed by Informe Laboratories, Inc. – the same development group that released ToonMe.

However, it seems that the app’s website be registered with Linerock Investments, which is based in Moscow not far from the Russian Defense Ministry, the Daily Mail said.

While it’s unclear if the app and website are even affiliated, Jake Moore, Global Cybersecurity Advisor, ESET Internet Security told MailOnline that users should be careful when uploading photos or data. personal information on a new website.

“This app is probably a way to capture people’s faces in high resolution and I would question any app that wants that amount of data, especially one that is largely unknown and based in another country,” he added. .

Twitter users also share experts’ fears of a Russian-based cyberattack or scam, with a person calling the New Profile Pic app a “phishing scam”.

“If you have it on your phone delete it, if you gave it full permissions, change your passwords, tell your bank, there’s been a huge increase in empty bank accounts and people being locked out of their accounts,” the user added.

A second Twitter user echoed the sentiment saying “NewProfilePic application belongs to Russia and may contain ransomware.”

Meanwhile, the Cyber ​​HelpLine, which describes itself as “expert advice for victims of cybercrime and online safety issues in the UK”, said the website’s overall trust score was only 14%.

How to protect yourself

Although there is currently no evidence that New Profile Pic is a scam, you should always do your due diligence with new apps.

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It’s also important to read a service’s privacy policy before downloading, as you may be unknowingly agreeing to share personal information.

Additionally, you want to secure your device with a strong password, biometric features, or two-factor authentication.

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