Is the Trip Advisor app a great travel guide?

July marks the start of the summer holiday season. It is one of the best times to take a vacation with family or a group of friends due to the many summer offers and discounts offered by airlines, hotels and even top destinations in an attempt to attract a large number of tourists this summer.

To help you make the most of this summer vacation season, we’ll be reviewing travel and vacation apps throughout JULY! For these reviews, we’ll look at app design, ease of use, what the app offers, pricing options, and what users are saying.

For this week we will review travel advisor application. Ready? let’s go

The design of the Trip Advisor application

The Trip Advisor app is a beautifully designed app that you can’t help but be impressed with. The reaction I got when I launched the app was wow, quite colorful. I liked the multicolored animated design of people riding bikes or eating which represents fun vacation activities.

By scrolling down you will find other beautiful high quality images of several; cities or content offers available on the app.

The design of the app is impressive. Seeing these clear and colorful images of exotic locations in various countries further ignites the thirst for travel in you. The fonts are bold, clear, simple and very easy to read. And that’s a huge plus!

Overall, the design of the app is impressive and it’s clear that a lot of thought and dedication to excellence has gone into designing this app. Sounds simple enough, but to trained eyes it’s clear that this is a well-designed app.

Trip Advisor’s user-friendly interface…

Ease of use

The Trip Advisor app is pretty straightforward, especially if you’re signed in with your Google account. The app gives you suggestions for places to see and fun things to do in different cities based on your previous location-based searches on Google.

So, if you have ever searched for flight cost to Gombe, you will find Gombe on the dashboard in recent searches. All you have to do is click on it and you’ll see an overview of the state, hotels, things to do when in Gombe and even restaurant suggestions.

Travel Advisor Plan
How does the Trip Advisor app work…

This makes the app incredibly easy to use as all the information you would need about a particular location is presented to you in one neatly packaged comprehensive package and I am impressed with this as it is efficient and saves time and effort. ‘energy.


The Trip Advisor app gives you the ability to plan your trips with the tools and information you need for seamless planning and a great travel experience at your fingertips. Here are some things to watch out for:

A) Access to trusted travel guides: Using the Trip Advisor app, you have access to travel guides, millions of first-hand experience reviews of hotels, restaurants, tours, attractions and other experiences from others travelers who have already visited these places.

B) A one-stop-shop for trip planning: The app gives users a single platform to do everything about their trip, from the planning phase which is one of the features of the app, where you can even name the trip, save the places you want to visit, keep a trace of your plan notes, useful links and you can even share and collaborate with friends when planning in the case of a group trip.

The RESTAURANTS The option gives you the best restaurants nearby using your location to find restaurants closest to you and also has the ability to find the best restaurants in other popular destinations.

The forums The option helps you gather information from other travelers who have been to places you may be planning to visit. The forums are categorized by countries, continents and regions. You can join the one that best serves your purpose. Topics are discussed in these forums and they should not be confused with NOTICES.


The app allows users to make hotel or tour reservations through the app and also make restaurant reservations which is a great feature. All information on the Trip Advisor app is free. Payment is made only through the app for hotel booking and payment for other services.

Some user feedback

We booked 3 excursions to Budapest with Tripadvisor….. couldn’t be happier. All gave us a wonderful experience…. We used Tripadvisor in Panama a few years ago. It was great too. You can’t get the kind of local experience they bring to the table… Thank you, Tripadvisor for helping us take great trips to places we’ve never been

Georges Haneke

I would appreciate if when I add something to a trip list, the notification doesn’t interfere with scrolling and make it take so long. It literally freezes the whole screen for 12 seconds, and I can’t do anything until it goes away. It’s really frustrating! Enough with the announcements! If I’m looking at specific things to do in a specific location, I don’t want to accidentally hit an ad for Illinois or Louisiana; I don’t visit these places! I just want common sense.

Kindra Berglin


My first observation while using the app is that there are too many ads, video ads. Sometimes there are three on a page. This makes the app cumbersome and data consuming.

This is a huge cause for concern. While you can pause ads if you’d rather not have them playing, I think this is something app developers should consider fixing as most people find many ads in an app to be a huge inconvenience.

That, folks, is everything you need to know about the Trip Advisor app. We still have a few more travel apps to review and by the end of the month we will do a comparison of these apps and using selected criteria we will decide which is the best travel app.

Have fun planning your summer vacation. Until next time!

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