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NEW DELHI: In view of the major financial loss to come for the university once the National Testing Agency (NTA) starts to organize the Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET) for undergraduate courses and the fact that the money for the application forms will go to the University Grants Commission (UGC), Jamia Millia Islamia University (JMI) has written to UGC and NTA requesting to pay the revenue share of the application fee in proportion to the students applying to Jamia.

The university took the plunge after making the decision to hold CUET for only eight undergraduate courses out of 60 courses available at the university. A source said they decided to choose only eight subjects as they first wanted to know how the exams would go and did not want to disrupt the whole admissions policy. “We have decided on eight courses as a trial. Maybe next year we will implement it for all courses. We have passed it to UGC and it has also been approved,” said a source.

JMI University in its letter made two demands of CUET. First, university officials have asked UGC to provide a merit list for the eight subjects for which Jamia will hold CUET. Second, they asked UGC to pay the pro-rated application fee revenue share of students applying to Jamia.

A senior official said: “UGC had written to Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) stating that it will retain 10% of application fee income on expenses to maintain administrative costs and the rest will be shared with the university in proportion to the students. who applied for the courses. In view of UGC’s response to AMU, we also asked them to pay us our share of the application fees.

“Jamia receives over 1.5 lakh applications every year and considering that each application form costs around Rs 500, the university manages to earn around Rs 8 crore. This money acts as one of the sources of income for the university. Sometimes we pay teachers’ salaries with this money. Now when the NTA takes on the responsibility of conducting these reviews, we will have to bear the financial loss,” a source said.

Exam Waiting and Watching Policy

A source said the university decided to only hold CUET for eight undergraduate courses because they first wanted to know how the exams would go and didn’t want to disrupt the whole admissions policy.

Lance B. Holton