Johnny Depp v Amber Heard libel trial – updates: Catch up on what’s happened in court so far | Ents & Arts News

Qualified nurse Erin Falati (formerly Boerum) worked with Dr David Kipper, one of the previous witnesses in the trial, according to the court.

She says she thinks she started working for Dr. Kipper in 2014. It was for the services of Amber Heard, she says, “if I remember correctly.” When asked if she had ever been in charge of Johnny Depp’s nursing care, she replied that she had provided nursing care to him.

Ms Falati is now shown a document containing client notes and told in court that these are her nurse notes kept for Heard. She says she created them. The first entry is August 27, 2014, detailing how she was hired to take care of Heard.

Asked about the arguments between Depp and Heard, she said she remembers a “general feeling of discord” in the relationship. She says she provided emotional support to Heard over the phone and by text and sometimes in person.

Ms Falati is now drawn to taking notes taken in 2015 following Depp and Heard’s trip to Australia. She was not present in Australia but says she remembers Depp’s finger being injured but does not know what caused it.

Notes taken on March 9, 2015 include details of Heard “feeling sad” and asking to discuss something privately the next day.

Ms Falati is now being asked about the arguments between the couple and Heard feeling safe. She says she remembers “a general feeling when [Depp and Heard] would have arguments, she would often have her friends around her to support him”.

Lance B. Holton