Listen to the official Miami Dolphins podcasts this season

Driving time with Travis Wingfield
Listen to Drive Time with Travis Wingfield presented by AutoNation. Over the course of the season, episodes will appear five times a week covering a range of topics such as weekly game reviews, predictions, five takeaways and more.

The aquarium
Dive into the Fish Tank and see epic moments from former and current Miami Dolphins players as they sit down with OJ McDuffie and Seth Levit. Every Tuesday morning a new episode is put online.

United Kingdom
Find out more about the Dolphins community in the UK as hosts Andy Moore, Simon Myers and Lee Whittington share their different perspectives each week. Topics will include game previews, predictions, recaps and more.

Aletas Arriba
Find out what’s happening each week thanks to host Hugo Manero. This podcast is published weekly in Spain and the United States. Hugo reviews the roster, depth chart, and provides game previews as well as special guest interviews.

Perfect season
Check out the perfect season of 1972. This new podcast is hosted by veteran NFL broadcaster Josh Lewin. It goes game by game every week with players from the 1972 season. A new episode will be released every week during the season.

All podcasts can be downloaded from Apple, Spotify and a few other platforms. Plus, you can stay up to date and listen to every podcast on our Miami Dolphins mobile app.

Lance B. Holton