Montana Lottery predicts biggest year yet for sports betting in fiscal year 2023 – Daily Montanan

Sportsbet Montana is anticipating its biggest year yet, with the Montana Lottery forecasting $47.17 million to be wagered in the state in fiscal year 2023.

If history is any indicator, the state is likely to approach this number. In fiscal year 2021, the Montanans bet $43.25 million on sports, $15 million on projections, and in fiscal year 2022, $44.98 million was wagered, just below the planned $45 million.

Daniel Iverson, chief content officer for the Montana Lottery, said the agency was scrambling to develop the product after a tumultuous launch in 2020 amid the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Depending on how you look at it, this could be the first regular year we’ve had on record, so I think we’ll be really interested in how that goes,” Iverson told the Daily Montanan on Thursday.

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One area the lottery has focused on is the number of mobile users. Currently, punters have the option of betting on their phone via the Sportsbet Montana app or at a kiosk, but whichever option a user chooses, they must be within some proximity of a kiosk, usually found in bars and casinos.

“Generally more bets are placed on the machine than on a phone, but this is gradually changing, and over time it will even out, and that’s why we have been trying to grow the mobile betting user base” , Iverson said.

To help grow its mobile user base, the lottery offers a number of mobile-exclusive promotions at the start of the NFL football season.

Montana is one of 36 states where sports betting is currently legal. However, it is one of the only states that requires a bettor to be in person to place a bet, which critics say limits the state’s ability to maximize betting potential and keep bettors away. of the black market.

Like in Montana, sports betting is growing in popularity across the country. According to the American Gaming Association, 46.6 million American adults plan to bet during the 2022 NFL season, a year-over-year increase of 3%.

Last year, nearly $700,000 was wagered on the Montana Superbowl — the highest amount for a single event since sports betting was legalized in the state.

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