Mozart Data and Explo partner to help companies quickly implement customer-centric analytics

Partnership makes it easy to turn raw data into customer-facing dashboards in hours, without technical assistance

SAN FRANCISCO, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mozart Data, the all-in-one modern data platform, partnered with Explo, the customer-centric analytics platform, to bring unparalleled value creation speed to embedded analytics. Within hours, businesses can bring together data from multiple systems in a data warehouse, prepare that data for reports, and create dashboards that can be integrated into their product and emailed to customers.

Exposing valuable data to users has traditionally been a time-consuming and engineering-heavy process. The partnership removes these barriers by reducing the amount of engineering required. Companies don’t have to divert engineering resources from critical projects in order to fully utilize their data to drive growth and customer satisfaction.

Mozart Data makes it easy to centralize, organize, and manipulate data by providing all the tools needed for a modern data stack: ETL (Extract, Load, Transform), a Snowflake data warehouse, and a transformation layer. Explo helps companies quickly create and integrate customizable dashboards for customers. The integration between the two platforms makes it easy for companies to share clean and reliable data with their customers.

“Every company’s engineering resources are valuable, so we need to give operators, GTM teams and others the ability to work with and operationalize their data without relying on engineering. Our partnership does this by allowing less technical users to set up all the underlying data infrastructure they need to prepare their data before it can be turned into relevant reports for their clients,” said Pierre PoissonmanCEO and co-founder of Mozart Data.

“This partnership will allow companies to develop very simple data hygiene, while efficiently delivering this clean data to their customers. With Mozart, anyone can combine their disparate data sources in one place and with Explo, it will be then able to create embeddable dashboards to present to their customers,” said Gary LinCEO and co-founder of Explo.

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Mozart Data is the all-in-one modern data platform that gives everyone the tools to centralize, organize and analyze data. Mozart Data is on a mission to enable anyone to get the most out of their data without technical or technical knowledge. Companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, use Mozart Data to power their data infrastructure and free up their teams to focus on their own data engineering and analysis. . Learn more about

About Explo

Explore lets you easily create customer-facing dashboards. Connect directly to your database or warehouse, create custom dashboards and embed them securely in your web application in a day. Explo’s mission is to become the de facto method companies use to share data and metrics with their customers.

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