October 1 Memorial Committee to Promote “Call for Creative Expressions” on First Friday

The October 1 Memorial Committee is participating in the First Friday in Downtown Las Vegas on August 5 to encourage local artists, residents and visitors to submit ideas and other forms of creative expression for an October 1 Memorial .

First Friday is held the first Friday of every month from 5-11 p.m. in downtown Las Vegas to support local arts and culture. The committee will have an outreach table in the free arts tent located at the Arts Factory in Charleston and the Casino Center. Committee members Rebecca Holden, public art project manager for the City of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs, and Harold Bradford, a local artist, as well as a staff member from the County Department of Parks and Recreation de Clark will attend the event to answer questions about the committee’s work and ongoing processes to gather ideas for a memorial.

“We are thrilled to be on First Friday this week and grateful for the opportunity to meet local artists and residents to encourage participation in our call for creative expressions and other outreach efforts,” said the president of the committee, Tennille Pereira. “We receive wonderful submissions to our online gallery and hope they inspire others to share their creativity.”

The Committee’s Call for Creative Expressions encourages anyone with an idea for the memorial or any form of artistic expression that could inspire the design teams to submit their work through the Committee’s website pages at www. ClarkCountyNV.gov/1OctoberMemorial or its app at https://bit.ly/3ntZE66. Submissions can be drawings, poems, songs, essays, short videos, or any form of artwork created in response to the October 1 incident. Individual artists interested in contributing to the creation of a commemorative project are also invited to share their resume or portfolio. Design teams selected to develop concepts for a memorial will be invited to review all Creative Expressions submissions to inform their proposals. Entrants can register to allow the public to view their ideas in a gallery on the website that showcases the submissions received so far. Here is a direct link to the gallery: https://tinyurl.com/38snr674. Clark County has also created public service announcements to encourage participation which are posted on YouTube. This shows some submissions received so far: https://youtu.be/dfcrm5RGqz4. This shows how to submit an online submission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOztWW4743M

The Clark County Commission established the October 1 Memorial Committee to gather public input to build a lasting memorial that remembers those who perished in the Route 91 festival attack on October 1, 2017, honors survivors , first responders and all those affected by the incident and celebrates the resilience of our community.

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Lance B. Holton