Open for nominations for the Board of Directors of the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority

Bipartisan effort to secure Arizona’s water future

PHOENIX – The Governor’s office and the leadership of the Arizona Legislature are now accepting apps for the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority Board, which was created this year with the adoption of monumental water legislation.

“This year, we took a bold step to position our state for future success,” Governor Doug Ducey said. “Our body of water is crucial to the growth of our state. We have an important responsibility to carry it out. It will take the right team. We want to represent every corner of our state with diverse perspectives and experiences. We bring everyone together around the table to find the highest quality water and finance experts. »

The President of the Arizona Senate, Speaker of the House, Senate Minority Leader, House Minority Leader and Governor are accepting initial nominations from residents of Arizona’s 15 counties through September 15. At the end of the nomination period, the Legislative Leaders and the Governor will review the nomination materials and appoint their respective members in the order required.

“This session we delivered for Arizonans,” House Speaker Rusty Bowers said. “Now we have to go all the way. With an enhanced Water Securing Corps filled with top experts, we will support the future of our state. Collaboration is essential and we are sure to find new tools and resources to secure the future of our water.

“This was a collective effort to address the water shortage in Arizona,” said Senate Speaker Karen Fann. “Members of the Senate look forward to working together to ensure we have the best of the best at the center of our mission to secure our state’s water future. We are committed to carrying out this historic plan.

“We are committed to working quickly and efficiently to have the best water and finance experts on the board of the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority,” said leader Rebecca Rios. “Together, we will leverage our state’s strengths in water conservation and protect our future.”

“As Arizona learns to live with less water, WIFA will be a key tool for conserving, storing and increasing water,” said Chief Reginald Bolding. “WIFA’s new board should represent all of the expertise and diversity Arizona has to offer. We have created a centralized position for candidates who wish to serve on the WIFA Board of Directors and hope that qualified individuals across this state will apply.”

Applicants must have resided in the state for at least two years, as well as substantial knowledge and experience in water or finance, including public finance, among other qualifications. All applicants must submit a set of fingerprints in order to obtain a state and federal criminal background check.

Application for the board can be submitted at

Lance B. Holton