Over 33,600 tax credit customers use the HMRC app to renew

More than 33,600 customers have successfully used the HMRC app to reapply for tax credits so far this year, a 39% increase on last year, HM Revenue and Customs has revealed ( HMRC).

Tax credits are helping working families with targeted financial support, so it’s important customers act now to renew before the fast-approaching July 31 deadline to ensure their payments don’t stop. not.

HMRC is encouraging more customers to use the highly rated app as it is a quick and easy way to get this vital job done.

It’s free and simple to use and provides direct access to tax credits at the push of a button. The fully secure app has many benefits, which can be used on any smartphone or tablet, anytime, eliminating the need to call HMRC and helping customers save time and money.

Customers using the HMRC app can:

  • renew your tax credits
  • make changes to their request
  • check their tax credit payment schedule, and
  • find out how much they earned for the year

There are nearly 259,000 tax credit app users, who have used the app more than 10 million times in the past year to do things like check their payment dates and amount.

Myrtle Lloyd, Director General of Client Services at HMRC, said:

Time is running out for our tax credit customers to renew their claims. It’s quick, easy and free to renew on the HMRC app – search for ‘HMRC’ in your smartphone app store.

Customers can download the app from App Store or Google Play. Online reviews of both indicate great satisfaction with the app’s performance as it currently holds a 4.5 star rating on the App Store and 4.7 on Google Play.

HMRC has released a video to explain how Tax Credits customers can use the HMRC app to view, manage and update their details.

Once logged into the app after the initial download, users have options to configure and select face recognition, a fingerprint or a 6-digit PIN to gain quick and fully secure access to their information.

Customers can also renew their tax credits and manage their claims online at GOV.UK. Customers can log into GOV.UK to check the status of their renewal, be reassured that it is being processed and find out when they will receive a response from HMRC.

The UK government recently announced a cost of living payment of £650, payable in two separate lump sums of £326 and £324, for households receiving certain benefits or tax credits, to help with the cost of living life. If they only receive tax credits, they are eligible for each payment. HMRC will contact them and automatically issue the payments, with the first being made by the autumn. Customers do not need to contact HMRC or request payment.

More information about paying the cost of living, including eligibility, can be found on GOV.UK.

Tax Credits are ending and will be replaced by Universal Credit by the end of 2024. Many customers who switch from Tax Credits to Universal Credit may be better off financially and can use an independent benefit calculator to check. If clients choose to apply sooner, it is important to seek independent advice beforehand, as they will not be able to revert to tax credits or any other benefits that Universal Credit replaces.

As the renewal deadline approaches, customers in a hurry to settle their bills may be more vulnerable to scammers. HMRC warns people that if someone contacts them saying they are from HMRC and wants the customer to transfer money urgently or give personal details, they should never be pushed around. HMRC also urges customers never to share their HMRC login details. Someone using them could rob the customer or make a fraudulent claim on their behalf. The department urges people to take their time and consult HMRC’s advice on scams on GOV.UK.

Further information

Learn more about renewing tax credit claims.

Customers can download the HMRC app for free from their smartphone app store.

Learn more about universal credit which replaces tax credits.

To log in to our tax credits service for the first time, you will need to prove your identity using 2 sources of evidence. We have recently added GB driving licenses as an additional option to help more of our customers connect. You can find the full list of accepted IDs at Manage your tax credits.

Lance B. Holton