Pool rental app connects Omaha’s private pool owners to their community

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – “Lucky Pig Pool” is one of many pools in the Omaha area available on an app called Swimply.

“I started last year, mid-season and had about 4 reservations and they were all great,” said Omaha pool owner Jackie Crosbie.

Jackie Crosbie owns a pool on the app. She started using the app to financially help maintain her pool and build community. That’s what Swimply co-founder Asher Weinberger said is the goal.

“We really build authentic communities. We’re not a travel company. We’re not Airbnb, we’re a business about connecting locals with their neighbors,” Weinberger said.

Crosbie said she appreciates the control she has over her list in the app. She can set requirements and rent to whomever she wants whenever she wants.

“When you list your pool, you pretty much control a lot of things. You set the price. You set the timeframes (and) the days. You can cross off as not available, you know the timeframes,” Crosbie said. .

To keep everyone safe, the app requires thorough background checks and ensures that all hosts maintain a 5-star rating.

“There are user-generated reviews, which means if you have less than 5 stars, you get kicked off the platform. We’re very, very serious about the quality of our marketplace,” Weinberger said.

Crosbie has a 5-star rating on the app and said what keeps people coming to his pool is in the name.

“Well, my pool has a pig, so he comes out there. I’ll get him out so they can, people can see him and often that’s why they came in,” Crosbie said.

She said her pig was called Bacon Bits and that’s what sets her apart.

“My last tenant, he said that’s what he came for. He said he looked at the pools (and) he said this one had a pig, that’s where we let’s go,” Crosbie said.

She added that many of her guests have told her they will be back.

Bacon Bits even has its own little pool.

Pool rental prices on the app, in the area, range from $30 to $60 per hour.

Crosbie recommends anyone looking to rent their pool check out other listings in the area and see how they advertise their pools on the app.

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Lance B. Holton