RazALERT and campus safety reminders for the new school year

Photo by Whit Pruitt

With the Fall 2022 semester underway, the safety of our campus community is a top priority.

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to visit the campus safety website, safety.uark.edu, and verify or update their notification preferences for RazALERT emergency notifications.


RazALERT (pronounced raise-alert) is the University of Arkansas’ primary emergency notification system and the most common form of communication regarding campus safety issues, including emergency weather alerts.

Whenever there is an immediate threat to campus security, RazALERT emergency messages are automatically sent to all campus phones and faculty, staff, and student email addresses. You also have the option of receiving these notices on your mobile phone by following these instructions. You can find more support information on how to check and update your RazALERT preferences at safety.uark.edu.

Fast facts:

  • RazALERT emergency messages are only sent when there is an immediate threat to campus security.
  • Everyone is enrolled in RazALERT when they enroll as a student or become an employee of the university.
  • Alerts are automatically sent to all campus phones and emails.
  • Home phones can also receive RazALERT messages if they are registered to receive them.
  • Weather alerts are only sent through RazALERT if classes or business operations are affected.
  • Students can register through their UAConnect account.
  • Faculty and staff can update their RazALERT information through their Workday accounts.


Keeping the U of A safe is more important than ever. With the SafeZone app, the campus community can be directly connected to the UAPD in case of an emergency or simply to feel safer when walking across campus.

SafeZone is available to all students, faculty and staff to reassure anyone on campus can receive a quick response from the police when you need it.

SafeZone can be downloaded directly to your phone and allows you to connect with UAPD wherever you are on campus. But what can he do?

The application allows you to trigger several types of alerts:

  • Help – when you need non-emergency assistance
  • First aid call – when you need medical assistance
  • Emergency – if you feel threatened or need urgent help.

The app can also be used for:

  • Check-in / Check-in Timer – Walking alone? Work or study in an isolated area? Share your location with UAPD for your personal safety.


The app also helps the UAPD public safety team work more efficiently, by giving a real-time view of where other officers are. It allows UAPD to respond to an activation with the nearest resource in the shortest possible time. When an activation is triggered, it is received on a map in the UAPD communication center and to other agents, allowing them to respond in the most efficient way.

Enabling SafeZone

To register SafeZone on your phone, please follow these three simple steps:

1. Download the SafeZone app from your phone store using the link below:

2. Launch the app and enter your UARK email address (eg {name}@uark.edu)

3. Complete your profile and accept the terms of use

SafeZone will only share your location when requesting help or registering. It does not track you at other times to respect your privacy.

The app requires certain permissions to run, including “location sharing” to let UAPD know where you are if you ask for help; “Notifications” to help us contact you if necessary; make calls or send SMS from the application to facilitate access to UAPD from SafeZone; activity/motion settings to optimize battery usage (reducing location updates if you’re stationary).

Find out how SafeZone works.


The U of A is committed to providing a safe learning and working environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors, striving to minimize risk and maintain a secure campus at all times. Several safety resources are available on the Campus Safety and Security website at safety.uark.edu.

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Lance B. Holton