Reese Witherspoon and Buick team up to attract more female buyers in new EV ad

A car that can change color to match your outfit?

Yeah. That’s what Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon suggests in a new ad campaign General Motors launched Wednesday — online and on TV — that targets female car buyers while promoting the upcoming Buick Wildcat concept electric vehicle.

The 90-second spot is unashamedly aimed at women.

The spot shows the Wildcat in a variety of scenarios, always with a woman in the driver’s seat, doing futuristic acts such as valet parking itself, self-driving to work in “zen mode”, which sets a peaceful backdrop. and wood on the windshield to promote relaxation. And, of course, for women wearing a white business suit, the blue car will change its exterior to white – almost like a mood ring on wheels.

Front three-quarter view of Buick Wildcat EV concept vehicle in futuristic city as seen in countryside

“At Buick, we see an even brighter future because it’s built around you,” Witherspoon says in the spot. “Come dream with us.”

It makes sense that GM’s smaller brand is targeting its mid-luxury models for women. The brand dominates all other brands in the industry in terms of the percentage of female buyers. Additionally, Buick has been working with Hello Sunshine, the media company founded by Witherspoon with a mission to put women at the center of every story it creates, since October 2020. Buick offers an in-car app at Reese’s Book Club in select models.

“With the highest percentage of female buyers in the automotive industry, we know that more and more women are making vehicle buying decisions and we are thinking creatively about how to deliver experiences tailored to them. “said Molly Peck, vice president of Buick GMC. marketing, said in a statement.

Buick’s electric future

Last year, 56% of Buick sales were made to women; no other brand comes close, said Marc Bland, director of diversity at IHS Markit, in an article from the free press 2021. Given that women make or influence 85% of all new vehicle purchases, that gives Buick an edge, Bland said, adding, “Buick is the best brand for GM on doing things right for women. .”

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Bland did not immediately respond to a request from this year The data.

But Buick spokesman Mikhael Farah said that in the first quarter of this year, his data showed 53% of Buick buyers were women.

Through June, Buick sold 48,075 vehicles, down 57 percent from 111,711 sold a year ago. GM, like all automakers, has struggled with its new car inventory due to various parts shortages and production disruptions since early last year.

But Buick is on the path to zero emissions and self-driving technology like other GM brands.

In June, GM unveiled the Wildcat EV concept with the promise that Buick, like Cadillac, will go all-electric by 2030. GM is investing $35 billion in electric and autonomous driving technologies through 2025. It intends to offer an all-zero lineup emission by 2035 and to be carbon neutral. business by 2040.

GM will give Buick a new emblem as the brand refreshes the designs of its existing gasoline vehicles and releases new products over the next 18 months.

Buick and Wildcat logos light up on the Buick Wildcat EV concept at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren on May 25, 2022.

The Wildcat EV concept is key for Buick as it will influence the design of all of the brand’s future vehicles over the next few years, whether internal combustion engine or electric.

“What this whole concept car does is give us a visual representation of how the brand is really changing as we move toward electric vehicles,” Buick chief marketing officer Rob Peterson told the Detroit Free. Press in June. “There’s no better marketing than having a great car on the road. This concept is a start.”

The first electric vehicle to arrive in the Buick lineup will arrive in 2024 and it will be an SUV. This and all future Buick electric vehicles will be called Electra, followed by a number, Peterson said. Buick has not used the Electra name since 1990.

“No commitment for production”

The new ‘Dream with Us’ brand campaign envisions what life might be like for future Buick owners as Witherspoon tells a storyline that begins with features in today’s gas-powered Buicks, such as self-parking, and continues on how Buick dreams of ways it can improve in the future.

Side profile view of the Buick Wildcat EV concept vehicle as featured in the campaign

“‘Dream with Us’ shows off a number of design features and technologies that we didn’t commit to for production, but which help convey our vision for the future of Buick ownership,” Peck said.

The campaign shows the transformation of the Buick brand by displaying the new logo, using new music and, of course, a new brand voice in Witherspoon.

A moving book club

But Buick has worked with Witherspoon for years. This expanded collaboration with Hello Sunshine will also include creative work with her and more collaboration with the brand, Buick said, without providing details.

The Reese’s Book Club in-vehicle app will continue in eligible Buick vehicles. The audio app gives Buick drivers access to a selection of audiobooks and podcasts curated for Reese’s Book Club.


“We have worked closely over the past year on exciting new collaborations, including the launch of the RBC app in Buick vehicles, which has been a huge success,” said Zoe Fairbourn, Head of Partnerships at brand at Hello Sunshine. “We look forward to creating more moments that empower and celebrate women together through our work.

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