Rozgar app helps 1,300 people find jobs in Hoshiarpur in one year

Nearly 1,300 job applicants have been placed in a year through a mobile application launched by the Hoshiarpur District Bureau of Employment and Enterprises (DBEE), district authorities have revealed.

DBEE officials Aditya Rana, Gurmail Singh and Mangesh Sood informed that every day private and government jobs are uploaded on this app which allows young people to directly apply for private jobs and helps them with information about government jobs .

Moreover, the app also helps young people find free skills courses and take out different subsidized loans to start their own business.

In just one year, 26,000 young people have downloaded this application, which is becoming popular. So far, through this Rozgar app, 8,654 job seekers have applied for 2,018 private sector jobs uploaded to the app. On average, this application gives employment to 100 to 125 unemployed young people on a monthly basis. β€œThe maximum salary package an aspirant managed through the app was Rs 6.5 lakh per year,” Aditya Rana said.

In addition to giving jobs, the app has helped 863 applicants enroll in various skills courses and 1,595 obtain subsidized loans to start their own businesses.

Samita Saini (28) from Hardo Khanpur said she is a single mother living with her parents who were abandoned by her husband. She added that the Rozgar Bureau app helped her land 3 different jobs and she is currently working as a community organizer in the city committee with
monthly salary of Rs 15,000.

Rakesh Kumar (26), a candidate with disabilities, said he was placed in the social audit department of MGNREGA using the app.

Santosh Rani, 40, said she never thought she would get a job but is now working as a community organizer at the National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) for Rs 15,000 per month.

Several HR managers also said the aap helps them find the right talent. Vishal Sharma (Branch Manager, HDFC Bank) said the app helps the bank find suitable manpower for its rural branches.

Lance B. Holton