Spotify is testing in-app podcast creation tools – TechCrunch

Spotify is testing new tools that will let you record, edit and publish podcasts directly from the company’s main app. The company introduces this feature in New Zealand last month. This will remove the need for a separate app – like Spotify’s own Anchor – to record and post a quick take for podcasts.

Outgoing Spotify executive and Anchor co-founder Michael Mignano noted the launch of the feature and said it will allow users to create an episode without “any additional tools or hardware needed.” He joined the audio streaming company after it acquired Anchor in 2019.

The video posted by Spotify New Zealand gives us a lot of ideas about what kind of features we can expect with the built-in podcast recording on Spotify. This shows that if you have the feature, you will see a + button next to “Your Library” in the bottom bar of the home screen. If you tap on it, you have options to “record a podcast” or “create a playlist”.

Once you tap on the podcast recording option, you will see a welcome screen and a record button to start recording a clip. You can record audio in one take or press the pause button to take breaks. Once the recording is done, you can edit the clip and add background music via a preset of available tracks. After editing, you can assign a title, put an episode description, tag another podcast or song, and publish it.

At this time, there are no details if this tool is available to users in other markets, and how you can access analytics for your podcast. We asked Spotify for more details, and we’ll update the story if we hear.

The company previously launched some Anchor-led features in the main app, such as paid podcast subscriptions and video podcasts. However, these new podcast creation tools are probably the tightest integration of Anchor features to date.

Spotify tested another “create a podcast” button in 2019, but rather than provide in-app tools, it prompted users to download Anchor at that time.

Last month at its Investor Day, CEO Daniel Ek said that while the company is in podcast investment mode, it believes the vertical has gross margin potential of 40-50%. The company said it earned $215 million in podcasting revenue last year, after investing more than $1 billion in the industry in recent years.

Lance B. Holton