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Jeremy Brockbank, founder and CEO of Volcanic Retail.

Courtesy of Volcanic Retail

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The home page of the Volcanic Retail app.

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Photos of the Volcanic Retail app launched on Tuesday.

Courtesy of Volcanic Retail

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A Provo-based company may have found a way to make retail trade shows a thing of the past.

The Volcanic Retail platform, which officially launched on Tuesday, is similar to a dating app. It allows interested brands and retailers to discover each other, connect and engage in two-way communication.

“Designed to transform the retail shopping space, the platform introduces the first two-way communication application in retail,” reads a press release distributed by Volcanic Retail. “Volcanic Messenger which includes live chats, plus AI-powered predictive analytics for curated recommendations and trends, searchable brand profile and product pages, and buyer calendars and shopping windows. contact.”

According to Jeremy Brockbank, founder and CEO of Volcanic Retail, the idea for Volcanic Retail was born out of his own experiences working for retail companies.

“As I worked in retail, I noticed that there were major issues with retail brands trying to reach retail buyers and retail buyers sourcing brands,” a- he declared. “Since COVID happened, it’s really exacerbated the whole situation, and the volcano was born trying to get the retail industry to not have to depend on retail shows .”

The platform aims to make it easier for retailers to discover brand marketers and enable retailers to more efficiently find brands and products that meet their specific needs.

“Sourcing new products is a time-consuming process that often prevents shoppers from discovering a product that might be a perfect fit for their customer base – or even the next bestseller,” said Volcanic Retail Advisory Board Member Tyler Dickman. in a press. Release. “Volcanic Retail’s extensive predictive analytics and research tools will save everyone in the retail industry time and money while ensuring brands are connected to the right shoppers and retailers are able to sell the right products to their customers.”

Currently, the Volcanic Retail platform is focused on the outdoor, pharmacy retail, and specialty and nature grocery categories. They expect to add additional categories later this year.

“Volcanic Retail has generated multiple opportunities to introduce my product to the right decision makers at many key retailers,” said Derek Boduch, product development and operations manager at Fugoo Speakers, in a press release.

For more information on Volcanic Retail’s new platform or to register, visit


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