Telegram adds more free reactions for users, new username links and more

Telegram has rolled out an update for its apps on Desktop, Android, and iOS that increases the number of free animated reactions. It also introduces a new way to share profile links, among other improvements.

More free reactions for all users

There’s a new panel that you can access by right-clicking on a message on Telegram Desktop (or single-tapping on the mobile app). Click the down arrow button to expand the panel to access all available reactions. Telegram says dozens of animated reactions (40, to be precise) are available for free to all users. The panel lists your most used reactions at the top and in the unexpanded state. Telegram reactions are available in personal chats and group chats, admins can choose to allow some or all reactions in their groups.

Animated reactions without Telegram

There are several emoji reaction packs that users can unlock by subscribing to Telegram Premium, which might explain the name the service gave them, Infinite Reactions. Premium users can select up to 3 reactions per message.

Awesome Telegram Reactions

Super reactions are now supported in the mobile app, these display a bigger animation on the screen, for sender and receiver. To send a super reaction, long press on a reaction for a few seconds. The animations are pretty neat too.

Emoticons status

The Telegram blog post mentions a new feature exclusively available to Premium subscribers. You can now add an animated emoji to your profile status. The icon will appear next to your name and replace the premium badge in your chat list, profile, and groups.

Telegram animated emoji status

It also has 7 standard statuses that automatically change color to match your Telegram theme.

Username Links

The messaging app offers a slightly easier way to share usernames. Until now, Telegram users could share their profile using a link such as or The new username links don’t require a slash, so you can just type This makes it easy to share a link to your Telegram profile.

Telegram for Android improvements – Prioritize downloads,

Users can now prioritize file downloads in the Telegram app for Android from the Downloads tab (in the Search view). When downloading multiple files, long press on any of the items and drag it up or down to rearrange the order in which to download the files, with first being the highest priority. This feature is already available in the iOS app.

Telegram for Android - prioritize downloads

The Android app has received some improvements in the animations that display when accessing media files in chats. The latest version of the app is able to change the Telegram icon color to match your phone’s theme color and dark mode settings. This feature is exclusive to devices running Android 13 or newer.

New sign-in options in the iOS app

The Telegram app on iOS now allows you to log in with your email address to receive a login code (2-step authentication). It also supports login with Apple or Google.

It’s good to see that Telegram is working on cosmetic improvements and features for free users. What do you think of these updates?


Telegram adds more free reactions for users, new username links and more

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Telegram adds more free reactions for users, new username links and more

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Telegram messenger latest update brings more free animated reactions, animated emoji status for premium users.




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