This AirDrop App Lets You Drop Files on Notch MacBook

While Apple introduced its once infamous notch with the iPhone X in 2017, the company added a notch to its MacBook line with last year’s M1-powered MacBook Pro. While it doesn’t provide any additional features, Apple claims it provides more screen real estate and allows them to fit an improved 1080p FaceTime HD camera into the new MacBook Pros. Now an app developer has found a clever use for the notch and created an AirDrop app for it. Check it here!

A developer creates an AirDrop application that uses the MacBook Notch

An Australian-based iOS developer named Ian Keen recently took to Twitter to show off a nifty macOS app that turns the notch on MacBook Pro models into an AirDrop app. With the Keen app, users can simply drag a file and drop it on the notch area to open the AirDrop UI on the latest MacBook Pro. When you drop the files on the area, the app even lights up the notch to indicate that the AirDrop UI is triggered

You can check out how the app works in a short video included in Keen’s tweet, which is attached just below.

Now, compared to Apple’s process for bringing up the AirDrop UI on macOS, which involves opening a file and clicking the Share button, navigating to the dedicated AirDrop section in Finder, or clicking a file in holding down the Control key, Keen’s application is much simpler. It just involves dragging and dropping the files onto the notch area.

Next, the AirDrop UI appears, showing AirDrop-eligible devices available nearby. During the process, the app illuminates the area around the notch with a yellow or green indicator to view the file transfer progress.

After the popularity of his app, Keen also created a notchless version. He also has confirmed to release the app to TestFlight for a limited time in the coming days. So if you’re interested in trying it out, keep an eye out. Keen’s Twitter Profile for further updates. Also let us know your thoughts on its application in the comments below.

Lance B. Holton